Friday, September 10, 2010


It is said, "The most sincere form of flattery is imitation."

The sea reflects the sky, the wind whispers to the stones, the mountains hold many secrets.
Natures beauty and repetition is everywhere. Look around you and take it in for a minute.
How can we go about our day so casually when there is so many amazing textures, colors, forms to lay our eyes on?

Look at the web the spider weaves; it is intricate, delicate, and geometric. Look at the sky, look at the reflection of the water, the water that holds much power and gives life. It is life. Look at the rock formations that have stood the test of time. Millions of years old, strong, majestic, telling their story in layers.

How about the magnificent transformation of a day to night? The flowers that bloom? The explosion of color in the leaf as it prepares to die - (If only we could be as beautiful as the leaf we pass on.)

NOW Look at the faces of the strangers who glide by you in your day. Look at how beautiful the eyes are and if you are lucky enough to look deeply, you can see straight into their (your) soul.

We are the imitation of each and every living thing in some small way. There are no limitations to this possibility. That is the connection. When we understand the connection it is easier to fill our heart with compassion and much harder to condemn others because you find you are condemning your own being.

Copy something beautiful, etch into your memory and then make it your own.

Be elated in emulation….be the one that others want to imitate…….(dl)