Sunday, March 27, 2011

~ Wonder Lust

~ The wonder of what lies beyond will always be… 

We have been given glimpses, we can receive the messages, and we assume that life is forever in the ever after but, that is all our humanness will get right now. What is, is out of our comprehension. This is why our departure remains a mystery. This is why our guides stay with us unannounced without pomp and circumstance. 
No one really understands the magnitude of the vibration and the levels that are to come, our brains simply can not see. 

It remains important that we live in grace, peace and kindness. It is also our duty to learn and create everyday. Stagnation and ritual habits are vibrational energy blockers. What happens in now stays with us forever and forever is a very long time. 

We are asked simply to take care of and love our Family, Friends, Animals and our Planet. It is not a tall order, it is easy. Round up your courage, stand in strength, and concentrate on making your world a better place for your heart and those who will follow after you (the children). 

Engage in practice. Engage and inspire others. This practice returns to you over and over and over. 
LIVE and smile with your soul today. 
The essence will of your knowing will reward you immediately.  The future? The life after life? It is ALL your creation (DL)