Saturday, February 26, 2011

~ With Honor ~

~ I am telling you now that the key you long for is to simply honor your vessel/body.
It is not until you hold your own esteem that you can find the changes and the answers you long for.
The universal code is to be one with yourself and then connect to all.

~ Listen to what you heart is telling you. No matter how many times you have heard this before, hear it new again today. And if you say bla, bla, bla…..understand that bla is what you will get. 

~ When you are tired, rest. When you are hungry, eat. When you are sad, exercise. Reduce the stress in your life with heart center by whatever calming tools you use. Go to nature.
This is simple maintenance and it will unlock all the answers inside. There is no magic, no secrets.
Just trust. 

~ The soul who is listening is the soul who will rise. The soul who can be happy is the soul who's doors open at the speed of light. 
All is yours. All your guides are waiting for you. Ask them, call them in, but when you do please heed what you hear. You are ready. You have been since the moment you made your entrance to this space.

~ There is still many rivers to cross but as you get more acquainted with yourself, the rivers become streams, and the streams become rills that are easily accessible for you to get to the other side. …. (DL) inspired by love,  through the Pen of the Golden Age....please share

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

~ here and there ~

Deeper into complacency I go as I get down into my own understanding. 
I do not have to explain my experiences. The words are what I have so I articulate as best as I can when asked, but my experiences are personal, as they were seen only through my eyes. 

You do not have to agree and please do not say you have been there,  in my shoes, because I have barely been there, in my own shoes yet they are well worn. We have like minds, kindred spirits, open hearts and much love for the ones around us and our home. 

Our paths cross for reasons. The more I understand, the less I know and the unknowable is so very attractive to me.
Mesmerizing uncertainties keep me floating. Feeling quiet, in my head just listening to the sound of nothing. 
Soon I will make the connection to something and get on with it - whatever  "it" is going to be for me. I do believe as I go inside my whole being changes, in and from my breath. It feels easy and at peace….. 

Now, I say Thank you. I honor your light, my soul, my life and the afterglow of your love (DL)