Saturday, October 6, 2012

~ Nothing is new ~

The original architecture in the realm of the spirituality is love and heart truth. Nothing is new. It is the same information/messages that have been here for hundreds of thousands of years. 
What is new is the way it is presented.  The language, the technology and the ability to understand without fear of repercussions. There is an acceptance to awareness and less rigid implications in the quest. Stiff religion is falling to the wayside and unity forms without a specific denomination. 
There are many great teachers, guides and sages but non of them have new insight. What they have is the ability to translate the old to the new as we are in the present climate, the understanding is simply cleaner. As science accepts Source the barriers are melting and there is less separation. 
What you feel and see is personal. From Angels to Aliens, fairies to fractals, Jesus, Buddha, the ONE thing that is clear is the thread we call love. Share with love (DL)

Friday, June 8, 2012

~ To defend what can hardly be articulated is pointless.. And yet it is a constant battle. It rages war, arrogance, intolerance and ignorance all in the "name" of GOD…The name that holds all meanings but is desperately, and tiresomely separated by the Masses and the beliefs. How can anyone defend what is obvious and obscure?

We say with all accordance "stop and smell the roses" .. You would be hard pressed to find a disagreement but in the wonder, the beauty, the aroma, color and its thorn(s) is the rose one single "thing" ? Yes? No? It is comprised of many parts. Do you stop and look at it as an individual pieces or does it call you in and hold you in its totality?

If you accept the Rose as a whole (thorns and all) then in this acceptance is the beginning of the end.. The end of all disconnection as the separations melt away. The beginning of the Pause, the draw, that holds us for a moment in blissful suspension. No judgement, just the wrapped in the moment of the moment.

As for the ones who tell you it is this way or that.. bless them all and let them have it. It is true and real for them  just as the rose in its color, texture and aroma.. You like it, you don't Or is it just an object to get our attention ? Perhaps..To admire from a distance, and carefully lifted to the face for an inhale (dl)

Friday, May 18, 2012


~ There is a certain time as the Sun kisses the the day good-bye when the Ocean water tuns to lavender..It is still and reflective. This only lasts for a very short time and if you are watching the array in the in sky, to witness this dance in the fading light is quite a show.

The light reflects, luminously echoing joy off the water like a child in discovery and in pure bliss. A few passing gulls become soaring shadows and their call gently beckons the night to come in. The last bit of glowing sky gives way to the stars and now it is time to settle into the night. 

The water lapping at the shore sends a gentle reminder that even in the stillness of the moment, we are at the mercy of the mighty Sea.. And for all of its softness right now, it can change in the blink of an eye by the power of the wind and tidal current taking control. Mother Earth plays no favorites.The subtle signs are her gifts. They can warn, they can play, they can give such delight but it is up to us to understand the presence..

Getting in touch with what is given to us daily takes away from ego/self.  If it is honored, revered, given deep Awe the rewards are peace to our heart.  A wonderful solace begins your relationship with the ALL making life magic, serene, and real in the un-real place we call home. This view makes the troubled seem less ominous, the material so trivial, and brings back that innocence of simple joy. Filling up in color (the lavender moments in gratitude) as the pause overtakes the past, the future, and brings us right back to why we are here.. present and alive (dl)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

~ Question it all...

~ In this venue nothing is absolute except what resonates with your heart center. And even then you may still debate it…This is OK to do. Questioning is how we learn. 
I gently request that you please digest and what you read and hear, then question it all ~

You do not have to take in anything at face value until you feel it, hold it and can smile about it. The light we dance in is all theory. There is NO proof to any of it - it is just experiences retold from one to another through vehicles such as orations, writings, or technology.

I have not yet met or heard of one soul who is considered a Sage, full of wisdom, love and understanding who claims that they "KNOW", and are absolute to any mysteries our universe has on a Spiritual level. It is "ALL" undefinable.

We try to communicate what is rooted, but it is so personal that words many times do not vindicate. Do your work, research, and practice the job you were entitled to do via your inner voice (the heart center). If you do not line up with another don't be disheartened, for there is so much for all of us to have it can be overwhelming.

Be clear with your intentions to vibrate higher. Listen with intent and to honor how and what others are feeling and saying to this subject. Clean out the static airwaves that surround you by tuning in internally. Stop the unwanted noise that irritates your sensibility. Open up your musical body rhythm and enjoy. This is our rite and our right.

Lift your spirit as spirit flows in you when you touch, feel, and see nature. 
Life is all yours every day, every minute, every second. Climb the mountain, Swim in the water, LIVE. when you do you will be treated to more than just the physical experiences You will understand your internal spirit…(DL)