Saturday, December 18, 2010

~ Zen proverb ~

"Before enlightenment ...
chopping wood, carrying water.
After enlightenment ...
chopping wood, carrying water". 

~ inspired by Tracy Ross

We all have things that we must do everyday and these things are not always what we want. I believe that by turning them into a mind game with the understanding that everything I am doing benefits me in some way, is a much more powerful way to live.

This is the greatest understanding (gift) you can give to yourself.
When you have a hold of this concept, with acceptance, your life looks much easier even when you have to chop a pile of wood. That wood pile becomes a game to better your body, give you warmth, a sense of accomplishment, and most important.... peace. When you have peace, you have piece of mind.

So when I say I am thankful for the task at hand, it is because I have found the light inside this duty to enhance myself or the situation. Practice. In practice you can play the game anytime, anyplace and it is fun. You do not have to be so serious. Spirit has GREAT sense, and a great sense of humor…

Play the mind game with fun in your heart and the tasks, the duties become as easy as your breath. 
They will give you strength as you strengthen you mind muscles.

When you turn your daily tasks into a game, your life becomes light. This light is the way to ascension you hear about. The ascension is simple peace in your heart.( DL)

Thank you Dear Tracy

Monday, November 22, 2010


The messages in the wind are singing the melody of instruction ~

Embrace the ones who choose not to hear yet because, their time is coming.
Embrace the ones who long for direction and share whatever it is you have to share.
Embrace the innocent who sit in the shadow of their own monument, their own heart center.
Embrace the light.

Emergence is eminent, in time, it is timely. Remember it is a long journey through all the turbulence in questions and confusion. That is, until you embrace the passion that you own.

I say cling to your passion tight. Be in your embrace then open your arms as big and wide as you can to welcome all who cross our path ~ good, bad or indifferent show what you are and that you can felt without a touch.

Embrace them all ~ (DL)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Learning to fly backwards
I was the child who questioned everything - nothing made sense to me.
I remember I did not understand the Church, and God. 
So confusing, so convoluted.
I could never grasp the hatred and the wars between religions. If this was “God” I declared to have no part of it.  

That made me sad.  So many, many contradictions and I was just so curious.  
I had to find my own way, by myself. Trials and tribulations - constant trouble, going against the grain.  
I  wanted to learn, find the understanding and the way to be happy.  
I despise conflict and drama, I always have. I took my stand and I stood strong.
I was eager to get my hands on the understanding that would clarify my inner conflict.  
I studied, I listened, and lived the hard way. I remember asking why to the universe. 
Here is my answer ~ 
As the winds of understanding brushed my check, I was told simply the thread that holds all of us together is love no mater which form of religion or non-religion you take. Love is universal, love sees no color, no race, no gender NO KIDDING!  

Most of what I have seen is misunderstanding, confusion, arrogance, and an ignorance of the world we live in. This ignorance causes petty feelings and jealousy - it causes fear and hatred and the circle goes round and round. Enemies from nowhere - why? 
Some will make up their own stories and assumptions and spread them like fire in the dry grasses. This fire eats everything in the way, makes a huge mess, and destroys all until the cooling waters of love and truth blanket the flames. It is hard to stop the destructions of the spark, but it can be done - 
It is important to recognize when this begins so you can stomp it out quickly before damage is done. 

Affirm: Love is the thread that ties us all together, in our color, in our light, and in our understanding. (DL)

Friday, September 10, 2010


It is said, "The most sincere form of flattery is imitation."

The sea reflects the sky, the wind whispers to the stones, the mountains hold many secrets.
Natures beauty and repetition is everywhere. Look around you and take it in for a minute.
How can we go about our day so casually when there is so many amazing textures, colors, forms to lay our eyes on?

Look at the web the spider weaves; it is intricate, delicate, and geometric. Look at the sky, look at the reflection of the water, the water that holds much power and gives life. It is life. Look at the rock formations that have stood the test of time. Millions of years old, strong, majestic, telling their story in layers.

How about the magnificent transformation of a day to night? The flowers that bloom? The explosion of color in the leaf as it prepares to die - (If only we could be as beautiful as the leaf we pass on.)

NOW Look at the faces of the strangers who glide by you in your day. Look at how beautiful the eyes are and if you are lucky enough to look deeply, you can see straight into their (your) soul.

We are the imitation of each and every living thing in some small way. There are no limitations to this possibility. That is the connection. When we understand the connection it is easier to fill our heart with compassion and much harder to condemn others because you find you are condemning your own being.

Copy something beautiful, etch into your memory and then make it your own.

Be elated in emulation….be the one that others want to imitate…….(dl)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~ Making amends ~

I am not ahead of you, I am not behind you, I am right next to you, by your side, and am not going to leave you.
I am here to support you and guide you if that is what the request is in the moment, as I may request that in you.
If I disappear for any length of time please understand it is simply because I require a break. I may need to empty so I can  fill up again. It has no bearing on our relationship. It is understanding the steps ahead are steep and I am gathering up the energy to climb.

Spirit does not rest. The wind is constantly whispering in my ear and I understand I am not alone.
I am a messenger and this is what I have taken on.
I understand that not all will want to hear the messages, and that some already have had them delivered in a different format. I say hear it new now, because today is a different day.
WE are to work together, hand in hand, in unity and bring as many with us as possible because everything is possible.

Cleaning out the dark corners of your being takes a lot of courage. Opening up the door for a flood of emotions. Understand that when you begin this process, that the light that enters will get brighter and brighter. Then the water will ebb and turn to calm. This is when the opportunity to extend your hand to give or receive is emanate. You and I are ready for more. This is moment we wait for to gather up our strength and move ahead, find the like souls and share what we are to share.
You and I are of the same energy. Our packages are different in color and texture but our inner workings are identical. I hope the equality shines when you think about that.

Go inside, check in, and understand the pace to which you are progressing. Don’t compare, and don’t worry if something doesn’t make sense to you right now. The limitation only means is you are not ready for that information and it will come later. When you are in clarity, it will be evident and there will be no struggle to try comprehend.
We are one ~ side by side dancing in our light (DL)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

~ thought waves ~

I am in you can you see me?
Every time I criticize, judge, scoff I take a piece of my soul away. I whittle away at the very essence of my light. Why? I am still human and I do human things. I have to remember that my light, your light, is a direct reflection in us all, so I harm myself every time an ugly thought is acknowledged.
This is a constant battle I face daily so my practice must contain the other side of my light which is my darkness. Find the reason behind the ugly, what or who is it that I am really responding to. Digging in is tough, but the more awareness to the energy I give out, the easier it is to be in light of love and peace.

Acknowledgment of the things that gnaw at me is the challenge. What is it that creates such disdain in my being sometimes. Insecurities, jealousy, greed and lust… So I have all of those feelings and I admit it loud. The trick is to find the means to the end. What drives them out to the surface. Do I make myself feel better after a spew…no it works in the opposite for me. I typically can’t stand what I muttered and again it eats away at my light. That circle will continue until I am more present. This is the never ending quest for all.

Even if the thoughts are not spoken they are there. And we all understand that our thoughts become are reality. Do I want an ugly world to live in? No, I do not. As I move through the day, I will be the best I can be ~ the ones who know me personally know I say exactly what I am feeling in the moment. I do not hold back for in the moment it is my truth.

I am no different than you. I just say what others are afraid to admit sometimes, good, bad or indifferent.
So with me now, I ask you to hold my hand on our journey to be the light. Acknowledge what tears into the soul,  Release the toxins of the fear, and dance with me in the light…. (DL)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

~ The purge ~

This is what I do with direction from spirit. There are so many words that flow sometimes it is hard for me to keep up. I wasn’t sure how I was going to process my loss except writing it out and finding the way to express what I have experienced. The pain has been unbearable at times. Crying so hard that I was gasping for air. I know many, many of you can relate.
I mourn in my silence, we mourn together.

The love that has poured has been truly inspiring. I have it seen first hand and felt what it feels like to have that dichotomy of  being wrapped in an amazing embrace and pushing down the pain at the same time. The dichotomy of {release} and rueful {holding on }working simultaneously on my heart.
The days melded into each other and the minutes passed so slowly that there was an illusion of infinity of a second.

Then as the moment finally arrived, exhaustion overwrote all other emotions and took us all down quickly.
As the next phase slid by, the arms extended, the good bye that is only a good bye on this plane was stated and done. Everything else became surreal.
Coming back to a familiar setting was foreign, doing the things that I was supposed to do seemed so mundane and unimportant…..just odd.

What is this crazy pain? Why is it stabbing me? It is Love….it is love, and love hurts. When you are so open, when your heart is free, your love moves in and out with every breath.
Now, I can understand why so many choose to close up. If there is no door for the love to come in, neither can the pain. I used to think that pain associated with loving someone was to be avoided at all costs, but I am here to tell you to run to your pain.
It is an expression of the purest love energy that you can experience.
After the tears recede a bit and you can see a little clearer,  pull up that smile remembering the one who is dancing in their light, flying free with out their troublesome body is kissing you from above. (DL)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

~ Spiritual weight ~

While at my daughters choir concert I found myself in deep duress as I watched the parade of obese children enter the auditorium.  (This is not the first time I have been upset about these children. ) They waddled in and took their designated places on the stage. I watched them fidget as all teens do, mess with their hair, pull at their clothing but I was just overcome with sadness this night as I felt their hearts and I looked at the eyes of these obese children.
The hardest part to digest  is the majority of these children will fight this obesity all their lives. Trapped in a body that is unhealthy.

Being spiritually happy is not just in the mind, it is also in the body with spirit. How can we consciously raise the conscience of our children when their bodies are completely out of alignment ? How can they be in tune when their hearts are beating faster and harder just to function, I repeat just to function? Where does it start and stop?

We are raising a new breed, a new species of large, unhealthy little souls. It seems to get worse every year.  With this unhealthiness comes the mental anguish - children with disease, with issues, children with no self esteem, children in depression.

The notion of honoring the vessel we occupy seems to be a lost art. These children can not begin to love when food is in the way, the instigator and the obsession.  Every aspect of their lives revolves around their inabilities to participate in living. They are restricted because their bodies are not working properly, and working overtime to barely keep up.  Their minds are clogged,  the blood flow slows, the heart rate increases, the onset of disease hits much earlier. How do we embrace these little souls when their bodies are too big to hold?

When the mind can not let go of the negative personal image, it can alter the joy these children should have in their lives no mater what the ethnicity, or where they are financially. This is a universal problem crossing all the lines and the borders. Food is now the substitution for the lack of love in these baby souls.

I do not have an answer.  I want to scoop them all up and show them their beauty inside and out.
A beauty most will never get a chance to see. The new society, I can only hope will have a backlash when the unhealthy wake up to see the devastation of little souls that has been created.  Again I say I do not have an answer, just a wish to the universe for some kind of an end to the war of the unfit and unhealthy. (DL)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

~ Compassion without Suffering ~

Being in compassion is there for us at birth. There are several layers to this as we grow. Our parents try to nurture this but our pears, and our environment tend to take it away. Some say an understanding of compassion can not happen without suffering, you should have exposure to both sides of a situation, { the dark vs. the light} so how can compassion be without suffering? It is a choice -

Look at the child who holds his prize possession dear -  does that child know suffering? The typical child only knows comfort. He has, and is learning to love. He holds his object of affection with adornment. He will stroke it, coddle and protect it. This is his natural course of learned love and compassion.
The child is untainted by heart pain. The pain we grow up with , the pain we expect and the pain we spend the rest of our adult lives avoiding. It is not in his being to be any other way until the child is exposed to external emotions and crisis of life.
You see,  the child has no desire to be anything but happy, loving, and caring. You can have this too.
He has not yet gained the experience of a time of strife, or experienced the reactions around him to know the payoff of suffering. Most who suffer aloud, long for and get much attention ( negative/positive) by their being in their state of duress.

The child is wise in his own ignorance. ~ thus ignorance is truly bliss ~

Constant bombardment of negativity is a sure way to create pain. We get this in all forms, the exposure is everywhere. Once you see again, in true childlike compassion through your recall (memory) you can understand what has been thrown at you is your pure learning. Put up your shield and stand tall in rejecting the pain. You get to dismiss the notion of suffering to have compassion.  Your choice ~ simple ~

Some may argue that there is a lot of suffering that is not by choice. There is always someone else less fortunate than the next - it goes on and on. I know many who are disabled by disease, in a mangled body, in constant body pain but their spirits are more alive than some perfectly healthy souls. Why? Because they understand, despite their lack of fluid movement they still have love inside.
No one, no suffering can take that away. They also understand that their condition of the body is temporary and soon they will leave this plane for a new one so… they make the best and enjoy each moment and they have a deeper understanding of compassion through love not suffering.
They accept their path and they live. (DL)
Affirm: Today I am the child

Thursday, June 24, 2010

~ A Test of grace ~

Finding the balance to be at peace without my ego.
Wanting all the words and thoughts out of my head and on to the paper is my goal today. The fact is, the information is there for all. Let the words go and touch anyone who is open to receive no mater how the message is dispersed.
I want to shout it from the top of my roof loud and clear the life is so simple. Why do so many make life complicated and sad? Why is there so much disparity ? I don’t understand where the negativity comes from.  Who decides? Who judges? Who cares?
Look at the child, in their own world, entertaining themselves with the simplest object. I am smiling as I  hold that visual. The child is complacent in their own mind. Their heart is not yet tainted by the so called wrongs and the rules that govern our society.
Everyday agitation and stress blankets the faces of tormented souls. Rushing to be? Be somewhere? Be someone? But not being………
I want to tell all to breathe! Take a deep breath. Take a moment to bring up a thought that makes you smile. Take a moment to watch a leaf fall, hear the sound of the wind, watch the squirrel play, enjoy the music of your heart.
It’s all we have - we have nothing else because we really do not NEED anything else, but the ~ SMILE ~
Be in your own world, embrace the ones you love, oh how I love my family and my friends.
The tears are rolling ( could be hormones)
Affirm: my tears cleanse and heal - I am………blessed beyond words today. (DL)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I can not speak to or write about “God” It is a subject that is so huge I can hardly wrap my head around the concept.
To me, it is an energy with emotions  - love, hate, light, dark, good, bad, etc…. an energy that is all of us separated by body until we hold hands, yet connected by our hearts and minds.
I see and feel the life force but I won’t presume that there is or is not one supreme being.
I just do not know. I think we are all supreme, making our way from day to day - it is the intensities of the heart center and the life force that makes the difference in how we choose life.
It all boils down to my attitude of gratitude and how my experiences shaped me. I feel the love, I see the love, I hear the love.
If this is needs to have a name “God” so be it ~ but that name has so many meanings it confuses me.
I have studied, I have read, I have listened and I made my own assessment. I believe we are the creators everyday. The God / Goddess is the power of our spirit, soul, our minds and our free will.
I accept what I have in my life because it is what I have chosen. I get guidance for my words from the universe through my heart whose power is far greater than comprehension. Call it what ever you want, I respect that. Remember, this is just my opinion.
I affirm: I have peace, and I give peace freely.

Monday, June 21, 2010

~ The world I lived in ~

Art is my passion, music is my inspiration, simplicity is my mission.
I am an artist, I am a dancer. This artistic world I lived in was in direct opposition to most.
As a young artist I was in the midst of the misfits, sexuality, drug addicts, the underbelly of society and most of my patrons could not relate to the desolate stage of how I was living.
I questioned authority, ran with scissors in my hands, lived hand to mouth ~ happily ~
I could float across the stage like a feather but my flight was induced by a drug infected state of mind - Altered, by choice, and taking my stand, rebelling against  the “ normality” through my artistic expression.
A bit of a cast off, yet I made peace with that long ago. I learned to smile with the ones enjoying the art even though we were living in opposition. Our love of creativity was a common thread.
This opened  a new space in my heart for me. Understanding that two ends of the spectrum can collide in a moment and be one.
It really does not mater where we come from, it is how we get there and share.
Affirm: I bring joy to others through my art.
Ahhh I could dance and I can create. All I ever wanted was to have fun, be happy and I vowed at a very young age to do so, so I do. Hold my hand and come with me. Let your spirit soar. Don’t give up on mind expansion, learn and grow. Dance until your feet hurt. Write until you can’t hold a pen anymore, paint until the colors blur. Live in the moment, and smile with your body (DL)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

~ Finding my meaning ~

Questioning, investigating, wondering.
I take what I have been given and always look for more.
I am not satisfied with what I am told. I want the experience(s) I want to feel it. I want the energy inside outside, all of it.
I touch the flame after I was told it was hot.  This is how I gain my understanding.

I found the meaning of my name, broke this down. I realized it was not a coincidence. (because there are no coincidences) I analyze the geometry of nature, the light in the sky, the shape of the crack in the sidewalk, the length of my attention span because….. To be closer to my self I had to tear myself apart.
“Just ” is an inadequate answer that is not typical in and of my being.
Some say that the colors, sounds, aesthetics that meld with me are dictated as per my birth day, month, year.
NO, I don’t buy into that, way too generic for my mind.
I dig into what I am responding to with my heart. (I am an artist so don’t tell me or ask me what my favorite color is).
Exploring what makes me happy, understanding the who I am is a process. My process.
I have never understood how anyone else can tell me differently, especially when I am not known to the architects of those stigmas.

Smells, tastes, touch, what I see, what I hear. These senses are mine and they are uniquely different one to another. This is what the exploration of life is about. This is how day and night can delineate from each other. This is how we sustain humor in the crazy space we call home. Embracing the uniqueness associated within your being is your truth. Standing apart creates inner strength. It is much harder to be in tune……than not to be. Working from your heart center, understanding that what you are given is your opportunity to shine and have happiness by using the wisdom you have.
~ Simple ~ Trust ~ Be ~
Dedicated to my twin soul

Friday, June 11, 2010


I am often asked how I keep my glass ½ full, smell the roses, etc. and my reply is, "It’s a game."

I have learned to play life.
When you figure out the way to manipulate your next move and recognize how easy it is to give and receive, you will see, playing the “game” is challenging and majic.

When you pay attention to the subtle signs and signals it will bring a smile and deeper understanding of what has been given to you. It doesn't take long to remember (as you begin your game) that you can create and play your hand just as you desire.

Rules to use and rules to break open...
If you are stuck and you ask for the next move (with your highest intentions behind the inquiry), the answers will be laid out right in front of you. But don't hesitate, you will not get the same answer twice and your answer(s) may take many forms. It can be a received as a physical motion or an idea or thought that suddenly appears. It can come in the wind, come in a phone call, come as a message from another in the spoken word or music and so on.

Looking for guidance is common, but you also must be prepared to take the truth.

Many times (when I play) I have received an answer that I did not want or expect.  Sometimes it takes a bit of investigation to figure it out but eventually it makes perfect sense. As a part of the game, I understand that anticipation of an outcome is detrimental.  The answers will come when you ask ~ so heed the token gestures.

If,  for example you are running late for an appointment and you can’t find your keys, then there is traffic, breath in to this and smile. Take comfort in the moment and understand that you may be detained to prevent you from harm.

Annoyances are gifts from the Universe.

If you breathe into your frustrations you can see how much it affects your body and state of mind.
The time comes and goes in an instant and the old adage of “the hurried I go the more behind I get”  holds true.  It is no secret, it is not scientific, or religious it is the law of give and receive.

Practice giving and gracefully receiving.  Practice the art of life, practice playing the game and thanking the universe for all you are and all you may be. (DL)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have meticulously asked for what I desire followed by actions, and I have the life I  deserve.

I let go of outcomes and the “what ifs“.  
I surround myself with loving, intelligent, motivated souls and purged the toxic ones.
I keep focused and spiritually content by listening to the sound of my heart.
I do not take no for an answer however I have given myself permission to say no and mean it.  
I set clear boundaries and honor them.
I hear what you say when you are speaking from your truth and will happily guide you if that is the path to walk.  I look at you eye to eye and watch the change in the body as we smile together.
Everyday is new, everyday is change, everyday is a challenge to create.  More?
I found peace and serenity in simplicity, music, art, dance, and nature.
If my words make a difference, share them in your own way. 
We are called upon to bring the message to all we encounter. Some will get it, some won’t.
We are to fill up as many souls as we can.  
Be concise, be true, be happy.
It is your mirror so what you put out is what reflects back.  
Life is not complicated.
~ Smile and fill yourself up ~

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


In desperation, longing for answers, many times we bypass the simplest elucidation and this
is what I call the seek and destroy mode.

Sometimes we sabotage our inner knowing by lack of trust, lack of security as misery clouds our better view, and by reaching out, it is easier to deny the accountability of our moment.

What happens when we seek?
There are opinions, theories and justifications from other souls. This is not a bad thing, it is the way we interact but I invite you to think about why you go outside your own heart to receive.
It all boils down to trusting your own voice and to stop second guessing the process.

We reach for an answer and expect gentle visions as we vie for the truth from others, yet distrust our own. Isn't funny how we tend to give that trust away? But shaping it up takes time and proof.
It is human nature to want approval with justification.

To be in alignment with our heart we have to start with what we already understand and then build on this. Put those expectations back unto our own and when we do this, we also relive the burden of others and lessen their responsibility to us - (less of a let down) and the relationship stays vital and lucrative.

You have only yourself to rely on, let clarification be always with you.

Destroy the disbelief, destroy the insecurities, destroy the dishonor of your understanding.
Seek to your heart, speak to your heart and listen to the sound of the internal answers you have. (dl)

Monday, June 7, 2010


We are all born into our mastery and I truly believe this concept.

What taints the way of our perfection after birth is our upbringing, our environment and how we establish our first connections.

Some believe that we choose our birth place and our parents? I am on the fence with this one but what I do understand is we are all equal at that moment of our first breath. After the breath, all the sights, sounds, air we touch, are different.

This is the beginning of our journey.

We, (as children) are molded and influenced as we soak up every bit of learning we can grasp.
As we grow, so do our experiences and expectations of self and the ones around us.
Disappointments, pains, human conditions shape the visions of our landscape. Some of us will see the trees in the forest, some will turn away. Some live in their darkness, some choose light. This is the yes /no, the battery terminal of the positive and negative that creates the space and the energy we call home.

Yhe beauty of all this energy (good and bad) is this:
Anyone can have change at any given moment if they want change.
Yet it is argued that there are souls who will never escape the torment of their being that they are forever "stuck" in time and space because of their situation, I view that differently.  Look at the child born into poverty who rises against the odds to become a healthy, wealthy ( in body, mind, soul and environment) adjusted adult.

Simply put; it is not settling for less than what we are born to have - mastery/ bliss/compassion and Peace.

The challenge is the work we have to do, to get where we want to go without giving up.
When the towel is thrown in, our power is gone. No one said it is easy. We have the dream of the greener grass, but that grass on the other side may have weeds you do not underlying disease that must be attended.

This means rising up against what hurts us, what makes us emotional, and what we know in our heart is best for our heart. It sometimes means losing family and friends, and a huge change in scenery but to co-exist with ourselves in a healthy meaning way, the adaptation of a new life is imperative when the old is nothing but a road block.

Setting the course for the happiness directed by the heart center is what the effort must be. Take the task in your hand. Stand tall for your convictions and be the master of your path, then everything else falls into place.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Truth -
What was true for you yesterday, may not be true today....We all change. We change our mind, change our view, and change our stance; it is just a matter of knowledge and experience.

Day into night, night into day. There is no stopping the wind or the cycles around us. NO mater how we feel, what we do, where we are, life keeps going. Do we join in or watch? There is no right or wrong just a question to be considered. 

The important thing is that our energy is our truth. Cede to the truth, make amends with the truth, see and hear the awareness, then the magic of the eternal questions unfold -this makes the everyday grind become alive and special.  

It is the listening, the seeing, and the laughter that help us vibrate just a little higher and as we begin to ascend, the things that we thought weighed us down seem to evaporate. We Clean us up from the inside and fill the void with the sweet scent of the bloom. 

How we get there is the query. Start with the heart, our rhythm is no coincidence.

Pick up the beat, feel it move. Learning to stay in touch with the movement heightens the sensitivity to the amazing sights, sounds, and souls we are surrounded by.  
Invite life in to you so you can dance in the light, don't push the life force away. 
Stay with it. Enjoy the circular movement it is your gift from this place we call home. 

Yes, the truth will always set you free (in the moment) and this moment the truth has no other purpose but to do so… (dl)

Intro to an inspiration

I will never profess to be the architect of the concepts that I post, they are ancient and sacred.
I am the messenger for you to hear the ideas new, in my words directed from my heart.
I am in tune when I want to be, we all have this ability - I am not special, I am just sensitive to energy because I have learned to trust. 
This did not happen over night; it was my process to come full circle. 

I lost it. Had to find it again. “It “ being my sensitivity of the conscience choice to let go of the B.S. No complications, I had to simplify and bring the joy of my infantile happiness back to and from the heart center.

Again I avow we all have gifts and we should acknowledge them with honor and grace.
I have redeveloped my perspective. This perspective has been nurtured, chastised, edited, stomped on, and revived. This is a never ending process for me - just me. However……..I am happy to share if you want to receive. This is a choice. 
( DL)