Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sensitive to Sensitivity

Did someone push your pissy button today? How did that work out for you?  My guess is, not very well.

While we wrestle with the ego/mind and spiritual growth, the one thing we tend forget is we are human.  Even the most “enlightened” soul will agree, anger comes up; negative emotions are real, and that is (in fact) - life. 

But what helps keep us balanced instead of going off the deep end is a pause (the long deep breath.... and or many).  Then we can get bigger than the ego that longs to fight back and jump into the abyss of nastiness; and as we all know, that nastiness can be oh so regrettable.  It is reeling in the lower self and getting a handle on all the “sensitive stuff” that stays in the angry dimension of emotional righteousness and vindication. 

We have to trust what is in front of us (good, bad and ugly) and trust it is nothing more than rigorous practice showing up as life in motion.  We need the motion (the ups and downs) to preserve those special times when we are still.  And in our stillness, it is completely possible to move on, to rise, and go beyond all the bruised feelings.

So with a bit of logic and discernment, it is easier to see what triggers "sensitivity" inside.  As we get better at this, the things that used to hurt or piss us off begin to wane.  Inner maturity (confidence) grows up and people and places that are toxic are no longer an interest.

Awareness is good like that – it brings a bigger view as it opens the compassion door a bit wider.  And with a shrug of the shoulder, we can take off the "defenses” to dress the way we want to dress without worrying about judgment.

It is time to release the excuse of being sensitive as a way to allow our ego to be wounded because a sensitive soul “knows” better and won’t dwell.  They know sensitivity rounds out compassion for others and there is an understanding that “knowing” comes from being acutely aware (sensitive) to the origin of our pain. The pain happened, it came; now it is gone.

Everything is derived from one experience to another.  We are so very multi-layered and complicated it is a wonder we can function at all – but we do.

So it is up to each one of us to use and soften our stance, our senses, and sensibilities.  Learning to be sensitive to our self, our surroundings, and situations takes us to a higher vibration, but sensitive to our old garbage just makes us lowly and harden.  The harder we are, the easier we crack.  We don’t need to be that way… life is way to short to be in pieces all the time. (dl)

Monday, January 19, 2015


Depending on desperation, many spiritual ideals are taken out of context, stuffed into a situation which needs some attention and sprinkled with unreal expectation then…. the whole thing falls apart. This is the direct line to self-deception and where any hope we have held on to begins to wane.

But the problem with so much of the information we take in is: it isn’t complete and when words are missing, the meaning changes. Then the concept just doesn’t make sense but more importantly, the message becomes tainted and obsolete.  Many, (at this point) feel depleted and give up as bitterness and disbelief sets in.

This is why it is so important to find your way via intuition (our gut instinct) that was gifted to us…. Hear it and heed it.  That core connection is the universal thread to life and holds more information than any book, seminar, Guru or retreat.  We are brought in by the umbilical – the cord of life that is always with us and sustains a universal parallel, brilliant, strong and united.

Know that nothing is “coming”, everything is here and changing, so waiting for divinity to hold our hand is futile.  We can’t sit back and expect good things to just happen; we make them happen.  We make our luck, our fortune, and our path (no matter how good or bad life is). We make life complete by our view and then how we respond to what we see. Period. When this is understood, the rest just falls into place.

Detach from what you have been told; reattach your self to yourself.  If you believe we are one, then this concept begins to unfold as responsibility.
It isn’t a new age concept, or a spiritual concept; It is simple logic.

Denial and blame reduce our capabilities and we get weak as twisted things enter the mind, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Even though we will always have some sort of problems, when we accept the things that are beyond our control we can find a bit of relief, and with relief it is easier to cope with our world.

So when life is messy call on your inner knowing. Trust what feels right and don’t be afraid to listen.  It takes a bit of courage and self love but we all have the same ability. NO one is more special, more gifted, or has more understanding about you than you. This is the only way to get beyond outer toxicity. Believe it, feel it, live it large.
-debbie lynn

Thursday, January 8, 2015


 When the world we love seems to betray us, the natural reaction is to go down the rabbit hole looking for answers.  Hurting and falling apart our inner confidence can be torn from the soul…  and while this journey can be a lesson in humility and perseverance, searching for the prescribed majik pill to console a broken ego can be expensive - physically, mentally and financially.

In a state of duress we are so wrapped up in our heartache that we just can’t see (or don’t want to see) what is directly in front of us. It is much easier to seek advise as a victim rather than to grab hold of the reason that brought us to our knees. We tend to turn away from the many choices (and circumstances that follow the choices) instead of claiming accountability - even we all know; we truly know in our heart what lead us to the place where we are currently residing.

Now more than ever, turning to the “Self Help Gods and Goddesses” of our social media culture instead of trusting what is inside has taken over. It is driven by this so-called efficiency and our intuition is riding in the back seat. This “efficiency” taints our inner knowing and the art of sensibility inside the self begins to wane. We become attached to what the “experts” believe and detach from the natural world. As this separation grows it only exacerbates what we “think” we have lost (which is NO-thing) and we suffer. 

We become the fools at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. In an out-of-our-mind heartache, we run to the ones who “know” and drink up their words. In a world of instant gratification (as the Cheshire Cat is grinning) we rarely look what our truth is showing us – a heart and soul full the answers that lie with-in.

Getting back to sanity is a hard work. We get big and we get small, yet if you remember to take hold of your responsibility and trust what you innately know (not what someone else has told you it should be) there is balance and life looks very different.  Even if you have had crappy role models, shitty relationships, endured abuse etc. you really know exactly what you deserve and desire. Trust it.

It sounds so flippin’ cliché but there really is beauty and opportunity inside each and every problem. Find it - you don’t need to go ask Alice or Dr. Oz, or Oprah, or some personality who doesn’t know YOU at all. (Remember, our eyes will see only what they want to see – and things are only as real as we want them to be).

So the next time you are experiencing pain; instead of giving your power, money, precious time and energy away just pause. Ask the simple question of how the situation got to be where it is and be truthful with it. There is nothing to find on Facebook or “Google”, and we cannot compare our situations and lace them with regret.

If you don’t get the answer you like, change it.  Make right, make it real and give yourself great alms for another chance to grow without tumbling into the abyss and swallowing anyone else’s prescriptions or advise. 

Honor what you were born with - we never have to go farther than our heart. (dl)

Monday, January 5, 2015


I am an ordinary soul but have no interest in living an ordinary life

When I say I love life, it doesn’t mean I don’t have problems or heartache, it means I don’t let that stuff get in my way.

I live the way most will never understand. I have paid my dues and then some but it didn’t make me bitter, only stronger…. and it did not happen over night, or on bended knees. It was a long time coming to meet what unfolds everyday, and taking my limits to the bitter end. It was releasing self-imposed ideas and a lot of people (family and friends) who tried to show me a “better way”…. not that they (family and friends) are gone from my life; they are simply not running my decisions and emotions anymore. 

I gave away “I care” and replaced it with carefree. I sat with my pity, my self-loathing, and childish ego for long conversations and received no logical response BUT I found a lot of insight in my own query. I discovered that most of it (my stuff) was purely unfounded illusion and expectation of the way life “should” be.

To say, “yes” to the world and my illogical life seemed to open my eyes to more than the tiny little self I became in my tiny little bubble of “No”. I found expansion is freedom located in the form of acceptance that equates to simple possibility and “yes” is the key.

We can do one of two things – we can work with life, or let life work us. So if you feel abandoned by happiness you have chosen to be worked over (which happens to all of us at some point) just know we don’t have to stay there downtrodden and beat-up. It isn’t about fighting; it is simply knowing when enough is enough and getting rid of restrictions.

Don’t hate your life, nothing can come to us in the mind-set of hate… it slams the door shut tight in our face. Give life some love and I promise life will love you in return. Yes, it really is that simple. (dl)

Sunday, January 4, 2015


…. and it is said, “Some things are worth fighting for...” – this is a truth however, it is futile to fight for PEACE.

It is not cowardly to walk on. It is not weak to disengage and brute strength can never overpower grace. Peace resides in the heart of the wisest soul who knows and possesses this principal. Peace is a basic need, an instinct, and we all desire to live in it.

In fight mode there is anger, hatred and dissension and those emotional boundaries divide us from the very thing we long to have - because there is a simple concept that accompanies opposites; one cannot exist without the other. So to “fight for” peace is futile. When we fight, we compete. A competition needs a victor. A victor destroys the opposition and if there is no opposition, there is nothing. Let it be…

It is good to practice any aspect you want for betterment, but you cannot destroy the other side of yourself. We have to learn to appreciate what are inherently human qualities (good and bad). That is totality.  This doesn’t mean we hold vigil to honor what we are against, it means we find the balance, and stay in neutral as we position our self to rise.

There is nothing to hold us stable when we are fighting for stability – simply put:
The only way to have peace is to be peace.

Ride the winds of this concept, let the ego/pride reside and then there is not one thing to fight for, there is only love. Peace will take your hand, serenity unfolds and you can breathe this in.

Peace feels good - the touch is gentle and the aroma is pure bliss. (dl)