Saturday, November 19, 2016


"I changed my mind - and not because I am a Woman
I changed because I was exposed to another view.
I changed because I learned differently and was given a chance to change.
I changed because I was open and then accepted a new way to see my reality.
I changed because I can" 
-debbie lynn

It's funny how we try to hold on to beliefs and concepts as if they were the only possession we own - yet when we decide to dedicate our life to being open and to live fully in the midst of our own chaotic moments, those old beliefs and concepts become archaic and completely void.

Rising to the moment is as beautiful as it is scary. 
We tilt and we warp our personal view as we see fit or as the ego consumes the situation; that is, of course, until we wake up.

And the world in that waking moment can seem so unfamiliar, try as we might, that moment will never be fully captured again as it was. So as we learn to understand the transient wholeness (the brief and beautiful glimpses of grace) it brings our perception to a new reverence. It shows us what our actual view is and means and that nothing lasts forever.

The more knowledge we attain, the more the sensation of 'not knowing' fills us. And when we do not know (or see) reality as we have always understood it to be, it begins to distort. In the glory of the present, judgments may simply disappear because there is no time and space for them. 

This is bliss. 

It is here that the vague gap of nothingness appears (superior to anything we can grasp in our daily grind) but we have to be grounded to get and stay there as life marches on all around us.

Change happens.

And while we can breathe all this in and drink it up, there is no articulation for the true reality check. 
Our awakening has to come from within and perhaps with this view we can be satisfied; satisfied that waking up can stay only in the mind through what we think is “our truth” (even though our truth morphs all the time according to circumstances.) Proving once again that only constant is change - and the assurance that so-called reality is nothing more than change itself. 

That being said, every momentary experience is (or can be) so fresh and surreal — and it has the propensity to alter our life, our view, and our thinking in a tiny, single second. 

This is an awakening for the mind, body and soul — to continually be aware of the beauty in and of the smallest bits of change everywhere. It is time to allow space into our day for these moments just as you would for a good friend. But it is up to each one of us to participate and to run to it, because it will not come to us.

There has never been a better time to embrace change and life will never be the same because it isn’t. When we are totally present, we are all in constant change.

-debbie lynn

Sunday, November 6, 2016


I don’t understand…

I don’t understand the hatred of: skin color, the way people choose to put their hands together, or whom they love - I don’t understand the divide.
I don’t understand billions of dollars (that number is mind-bending) spent on the trite and trivial when children are starving in our own backyard.
I don’t understand it.
I don’t understand the priorities, the arrogance or the lack of compassion.
I just don’t understand what matters anymore.
I don’t understand the complication, the confrontation and the vile.
I don’t understand the reasons.

What I DO understand is…
If we didn’t have color, a way to pray, or someone/something to love - the world will stop breathing; we will suffocate in our own ignorance and die slowly inside.
What I DO understand is it takes so little to share so much…
Kindness is effortless and meaningful when we give a bit of our self - an extended hand, a smile, or a penny.
I DO understand I cannot change anyone, but I can be a force of change inside my own domain and maybe it will ripple.
I DO understand I must let go of the “whys” and focus on “why not.” Some things, some reasons are better left unknown.
What I DO understand is diversity is everywhere but, it doesn’t mean division.
I understand life doesn’t need to be complicated – but humans are… I am human.
-debbie lynn

Where there is no love there is no understanding – Oscar Wild

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Delving into Intuition

“It’s not whether the outside world has changed in response to your spiritual growth that matters, it’s whether your spiritual growth allows you to respond differently to the circumstances even if they stay the same. That means you have actually grown.” — Bashar

There is a lot at stake when we turn the corner and delve deeper into our spiritual edge.

Sometimes we lose family and friends who don’t understand us. We revel in our solitude and bleed a bit more, but eventually, we awaken the respect for what we have inherently known all along: Things that don’t nurture and support our growth must dissolve, and with that dissolution, a quieter and more thoughtful response to life is immanent.

And as this happens, along the way we may take a mental beating from our own head. It is so hard to quiet the discussion that dances in between our ego/mind and insecurity — but the sooner we heed the voices within, the easier it becomes to take the world-gone-mad into our compassion.

But why do we distrust our knowing? Why do we push back all the time when good, viable information shines? The conditioning of guilt and shame from a past come and gone has a way of infringing upon our peace, even when the gut truth is telling us, “It’s okay; it is truly okay to know what we know and acknowledge it.”

However, when that small voice of insecurity whispers a sweet nothing (and I mean “nothing”) into our ears, it can be hard not to listen. The conversation goes something like this: How can I be right? How can I possibly know what is beyond the surface? I am not a “seer,” a “psychic,” a “knower.” How can I trust myself?

It’s good to remind ourselves that the path we are on is a choice, and we made it based on being healthy and in touch with our gut. It is a path that is needed, wanted and decided upon for the sake of our sanity. And more importantly, the shift of our consciousness helps us when things seem a bit too heavy, too laden with too many little messes.

When we take a leap into the void, and the warning signs are blaring loud and they linger, it is something we mustn’t ignore. Turning a blind eye is just not an option anymore (which can be far more painful than facing any uncertainties up close and personal.) You see, the truth is so much greater inside of us than out; and it will always protect us. The more honest we are about what is truly felt, the lighter we become as the old paradigm of “what if” fades into the background.

The good news is that in all this craziness — all the pain, all the life practice, and people dropping out of sight — we are simply being prepared to understand the minutia of consequences that follow us when we embrace our beautiful goddess-given intuition. (And this isn’t just for women.)

We feel it; we hear it, see it and then (like never before) we can decide how to process it all. But the moment is so tiny we barely have time to blink, yet it is larger then we could ever imagine — and if we do not take it in, life will eventually fall apart.

“Between stimulus and response, that is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom.” — Viktor Frankl

Learning to trust our intuition can be as exciting as it is tumultuous, as sane as it is insane. And as scary as it might seem to really acknowledge all the “stuff” we truly know, honoring the internal gifts and the natural omens is far greater than we think. Going back to our root knowledge with an intelligent reverence just feels right. Trust your gut.

I can’t stress enough how beautiful our mind/body and soul is when it is working in harmony with that universal call — but we forget. And when we try to separate the trio and try to go back into the wounds, we can’t get there because once we have gone through a portal, there is no looking back. No matter how hard we try to find that old comfortable place — it’s gone.

Never disavow your curiosity, your truth or the light in your core. It is pure and blessed.

Live in your edge, and love the challenges of growth and being new. That is what children do (without a second thought) and we might want to take a page from their book.

It really works.

-debbie lynn