Wednesday, March 25, 2015


There is such a misconception about being a free spirit –
We are:  Gypsies, hippies, artists, poets, muses, writers, and usually loners with an abundant amount of friends.

We live in the moment, but that doesn’t mean we are without responsibility.  It means following the heart, the core, and we are immersed in life fully.  There are no stipulations, no regulations, and no conditions (for the most part). We live to live, love to live and love all life has to offer, all of it - and freedom is the music of our soul that drives us home.  

The free spirit knows a deep respect for nature as it amuses and amazes us constantly.
We are misunderstood (thought to be a bit whacked) and we do and say the things most people won’t.  We are risk-takers; solid lovers and we don’t do much about “what if”.  We are said to be “old souls” with wisdom beyond our years but we have been chastised, criticized, mocked, and also admired for our knowing.  

Temptations find us, touch us and move us to tears, while we are looking out for the wounded and the underbelly of what life really means.

People often think we don’t care about much yet we do.  We care deeply, intently and wholly.  
And if it appears that we are disinterested, or inattentive; it is only that we standing outside a fine line of involvement.  That line is a conscious choice we make to try not to interfere where we know we are not meant to be - and for the most part the only thing that scares us is the toxic energy of drama, (we don’t need it or want it around).

Some believe we have already “been here” so many times that our taste of life is exotic and savory.  Some think it is only in our past experiences and lives that we conquered so much tragedy and pain that we now have such a carefree view.  I am on the fence about all that but living in and with the lighter side of life brings simple happiness – It is embracing what comes our way good bad or indifferent, being in the flow and not trying to swim upstream all time. We live the highs and the lows and all points in-between.  

The mantra, it goes like this:
We are ordinary souls with NO intention of having an ordinary life. 

The spirit is in us and will continue to be “A Rebel without a Cause” - but isn’t that what life is all about? Living to the fullest, throwing caution to the wind?

If you are nodding your head as you read along, you are in good company but you know how difficult it can be - and as our spirits collide and dance in the moon lit sky, it is nice to have some conscious camaraderie.

I see you, you see me and we know….

Life is a gift, and we were never promised to be kissed by the wind, yet through it all our hands are held together by the common thread, and that thread is the presence of the free spirit ….called love.  (dl)