Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~ Making amends ~

I am not ahead of you, I am not behind you, I am right next to you, by your side, and am not going to leave you.
I am here to support you and guide you if that is what the request is in the moment, as I may request that in you.
If I disappear for any length of time please understand it is simply because I require a break. I may need to empty so I can  fill up again. It has no bearing on our relationship. It is understanding the steps ahead are steep and I am gathering up the energy to climb.

Spirit does not rest. The wind is constantly whispering in my ear and I understand I am not alone.
I am a messenger and this is what I have taken on.
I understand that not all will want to hear the messages, and that some already have had them delivered in a different format. I say hear it new now, because today is a different day.
WE are to work together, hand in hand, in unity and bring as many with us as possible because everything is possible.

Cleaning out the dark corners of your being takes a lot of courage. Opening up the door for a flood of emotions. Understand that when you begin this process, that the light that enters will get brighter and brighter. Then the water will ebb and turn to calm. This is when the opportunity to extend your hand to give or receive is emanate. You and I are ready for more. This is moment we wait for to gather up our strength and move ahead, find the like souls and share what we are to share.
You and I are of the same energy. Our packages are different in color and texture but our inner workings are identical. I hope the equality shines when you think about that.

Go inside, check in, and understand the pace to which you are progressing. Don’t compare, and don’t worry if something doesn’t make sense to you right now. The limitation only means is you are not ready for that information and it will come later. When you are in clarity, it will be evident and there will be no struggle to try comprehend.
We are one ~ side by side dancing in our light (DL)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

~ thought waves ~

I am in you can you see me?
Every time I criticize, judge, scoff I take a piece of my soul away. I whittle away at the very essence of my light. Why? I am still human and I do human things. I have to remember that my light, your light, is a direct reflection in us all, so I harm myself every time an ugly thought is acknowledged.
This is a constant battle I face daily so my practice must contain the other side of my light which is my darkness. Find the reason behind the ugly, what or who is it that I am really responding to. Digging in is tough, but the more awareness to the energy I give out, the easier it is to be in light of love and peace.

Acknowledgment of the things that gnaw at me is the challenge. What is it that creates such disdain in my being sometimes. Insecurities, jealousy, greed and lust… So I have all of those feelings and I admit it loud. The trick is to find the means to the end. What drives them out to the surface. Do I make myself feel better after a spew…no it works in the opposite for me. I typically can’t stand what I muttered and again it eats away at my light. That circle will continue until I am more present. This is the never ending quest for all.

Even if the thoughts are not spoken they are there. And we all understand that our thoughts become are reality. Do I want an ugly world to live in? No, I do not. As I move through the day, I will be the best I can be ~ the ones who know me personally know I say exactly what I am feeling in the moment. I do not hold back for in the moment it is my truth.

I am no different than you. I just say what others are afraid to admit sometimes, good, bad or indifferent.
So with me now, I ask you to hold my hand on our journey to be the light. Acknowledge what tears into the soul,  Release the toxins of the fear, and dance with me in the light…. (DL)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

~ The purge ~

This is what I do with direction from spirit. There are so many words that flow sometimes it is hard for me to keep up. I wasn’t sure how I was going to process my loss except writing it out and finding the way to express what I have experienced. The pain has been unbearable at times. Crying so hard that I was gasping for air. I know many, many of you can relate.
I mourn in my silence, we mourn together.

The love that has poured has been truly inspiring. I have it seen first hand and felt what it feels like to have that dichotomy of  being wrapped in an amazing embrace and pushing down the pain at the same time. The dichotomy of {release} and rueful {holding on }working simultaneously on my heart.
The days melded into each other and the minutes passed so slowly that there was an illusion of infinity of a second.

Then as the moment finally arrived, exhaustion overwrote all other emotions and took us all down quickly.
As the next phase slid by, the arms extended, the good bye that is only a good bye on this plane was stated and done. Everything else became surreal.
Coming back to a familiar setting was foreign, doing the things that I was supposed to do seemed so mundane and unimportant…..just odd.

What is this crazy pain? Why is it stabbing me? It is Love….it is love, and love hurts. When you are so open, when your heart is free, your love moves in and out with every breath.
Now, I can understand why so many choose to close up. If there is no door for the love to come in, neither can the pain. I used to think that pain associated with loving someone was to be avoided at all costs, but I am here to tell you to run to your pain.
It is an expression of the purest love energy that you can experience.
After the tears recede a bit and you can see a little clearer,  pull up that smile remembering the one who is dancing in their light, flying free with out their troublesome body is kissing you from above. (DL)