Friday, September 19, 2014


~ In times of sadness and desperation it is natural to seek out relief via another vehicle (i.e. someone else to validate our pain and to fix it) but please beware that No One has the ability or the authority to do that. And while finding temporary comfort in warm words, or the touch of another’s presence is a beautiful way to take the edge off - in the end, the responsibility is our own to get it right…. 

It has to be understood that along side our pain we get to do the work. Repeat, “get to”. That work is our salvation. Although it is a double edged sword, the sword has the ability (when accompanied by love) to cut through the toxic B.S. we ensue. Use it properly and it will make room for gratitude no matter how ugly the situation is - 

So when we are looking for the neat and tidy answers we want to hear instead of a raw heart truth - those intensely wanted words can work against our inner healing. They only serve (momentarily) as a band-aide that simply covers up the mess. 

If commiseration is really needed... run to it but don’t forget it is not anyone else’s job to repair what has been broken, slashed or disturbed. Hopefully they (the commiserators) can hold some light for you to honor what is truly going on. A light for you to look at it (the pain); touch it; feel it; and put a name to it without playing the blame game – (Blame tends to make us weak and spiteful.) 

We are all here learning to ride the wave of the world and to get better, not bitter. 

The power to find solace is in our own hands…

Take it on, to move on and may peace be your companion. (dl)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

~ Centered.....

The pendulum swinging is a measure of time and space and our emotions don’t need to follow…

Outward expressions can be impressive yet oh-so vacant as the emotional eruptions peak, then fade into the background. I know emotion is our nature, but neither the good or the bad needs to be overly expressed or dramatized. 

As soon as emotion is untied/untethered from happiness or sadness - our inner feelings will really mean something inside…So let be personal, let it fill you, let it move you to silent tears and then, balanced (centered in grace) emotion just goes in deeper. 

Of course life is easier on the up side but remember too much of anything only makes us tilted. 

When we are not in a high or a low the presence of gratitude will remain longer in core stability, and sadness will dissipate and heal faster. If we are tipping to one side or the other, we can't be in our truth, it is obviously unbalanced - truth is found in the middle way. 

Calm everything down, way down - take a breath…. and let it be. Centered. Balanced. whole. (dl)

Saturday, September 13, 2014


“You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.” ― Thích Nhất Hạnh

Love (like anything else) if held too tightly, will have the lifeblood squeezed out of it.
Hold it gently; it is precious.

When love is clean, you can see how completely uninhibited (free) it truly is. Nothing hanging on it to make it heavy - nothing attached. 

We all want love - 
To be loved, to give love, to have love and yet the partnering process has become belabored in conditions…The most common mistake is ownership (i.e. “they are mine”) followed by what is expected in return, which is simply something we made up in our head.

We box in our relationships based on some very unreal environments via the fairy tale, drama, and untruths without a single thought of consideration to the individual beings that we are, and the 'One' we want to share our time with - 
(*This is the perfect script for a complete and total disaster.)

Go in without expectation.

This doesn’t mean drop your standards or boundaries; it means - let them be. The beauty of getting to know one another is growing together, walking the path hand-in-hand not trying to mold them to fit our desires. 

Imprisoning love is fatal.

In the end, the only thing we have is control of our self  - and love will surely die without its wings. 
-debbie lynn

Monday, September 8, 2014

~ One Candle...

~ As we watch the ones we love make life so incredibly complicated the question rises…. Why do they instill such a mess (in the head)? Why do they always have to have something to clean up? Is it out of habit? Boredom or addiction to drama? 

What an exhausting way to live - and they are tired, constantly tired, believing the Universe has conspired against them but that is so twisted. Life isn’t about it/them against us – It isn’t a competition. 

And while every inch my heart wants to scoop them up and embrace their self-pity and sadness - I won’t. I refuse to empower that behavior. And on a higher level,we have to remember and understand it isn’t our place to fix their thinking. * Everyone must learn his or her limitations and responsibilities* It is Human 101 - the class of accountability.

So all we can do is listen and be there. Be above the ego that wants to set them straight, and just listen. Be above the urge the ego/mind has to judge and preach. (It is hard to fight it) but it is just an urge…. so reel it in then….

Take their hand; give them love. Take their sadness; give it hope. Take their darkness; light a candle but never take any of it inside. It is a fine line to walk. But it is our duty to them to stand just outside the pain… yet never far enough away we can’t touch them in some way. (dl)

Breathe it in....

~ Rushing the day, rushing the seasons, bombarded with expectations, predictions, and sly mind-bending concepts is the perfect storm of fear based manifestations. It is a control game, and most of us are abiding by the energy. It is the ‘norm’ yet so un-normal allowing the unnatural to lead…. and let me tell you, (if you haven’t already noticed) our Mother, (Earth) is not happy. 

Instead of rising in presence, there is an up-rising of past and future. Instead of contentment, there is misery and it is global. To the richest of the rich to the poorest of the poor - there is no line to cross anymore, it is a huge gaping hole that longs to be filled. 

What to do? Stay centered, stay in your presence and locate the unwavering love to fill that gap. 
It is kindness, it is sharing. It is gesture, it is a smile. It is the extended hand, and the heart of the Spiritual Warrior to stand tall and respected without a single word. It is taking time to breathe. 
Inhale - take in peace, exhale give it out. It all begins with the air and the energy we share. Think about that unity, think about solidarity, and most importantly slow down.

When we get it, we truly get it - there isn’t that lingering stench of hopelessness. We can control our own time and destiny with the pace that suits our personal rhythm - Not the clock, not the demands of the outer pseudo time and space. We can align with nature and what we need to do for her - Not what she needs to do for us. Get this right… 

Because if we don’t, our breath won’t be an issue, nothing will be left - not the past, the future or our now. (dl)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

BE who you are...

~ It is beyond my ability to reconcile with the insidious thoughts of self pity, and the dangerously dirty and depleting inner self talk that can take my breath away at times; it is like I don’t even know what unleashes that side of “me”... Yet, at the same time I hear it, see it and wonder why or how do these things ever enter my space? 

My logical mind says no worries, it is just the dark side, give it some light. My heart says bring it on… My body says oh that doesn’t feel good, but my Soul knows. It knows when enough is enough and to surrender without judgment or a fight is the only path to peace. 

And finally after all these years, I came to this acceptance - Totality. One thing cannot exist without the its opposite. It is a harsh truth but we all know the truth will set you free. Not to bury or hide or mask who you are but to embrace every inch, every thought, and put yourself right. 

There is not a formula… it is personal. But when you really ask the hard questions and listen to the answers - with a shrug of the shoulders and a gentle hug from above, moving past the little nasties (in our head) life gets easier, smoother and cleaner. It is a process… and we go full circle to round back again. Sometimes you just have to go hummmm (dl)