Sunday, January 27, 2013

~ losing it

A shift can happen layer by layer. If there is something that you really want to show up, give it space to enter. This when and where you say yes. 

By definition, the things we want to "lose" hang on simply because we won't let them go. Why? It is hard to get past the current image, to step out and step up without fear. But, if you remove the negative connotation to the word or situation and practice in their opposite things change rapidly. 

The reason that diets or other things of that nature do not work is they reinforce a negative view of your image. If you say "I am on a Diet" This equates to: I do not like my body, depravation, I am heavy and unhealthy. Before any pounds can be shed, the habitual view we base our self judgements on must be altered and that begins inside. 

Shifting.. What if you honor your vessel and you want to feel better mentally and physically? Begin with celebrating the body instead of comparing, condemning and loathing it. This alters the perception of intake.  When you work from the inside out (developing the love for self) the quest becomes positive and affirms making healthy choices. If you eat for your health and well being, instead of habit or masking the obvious..the body/mind react to your honor. It is truly re-training the mind and then the body follows. Everyday by installing the affirmation, results will yield to the positive. It works, it is free, it is healthy, and a life style that will alter your entire Being. 

The first step is really listening to the language inside your head and out the mouth. When you establish (recognize) your habits it is much easier to quell them. Next is to affirm your intention everyday, over and over. The last, and oh so important is to put it into motion. You will discover as the mind is re-trained, you lose interest in the so called "bad" desires and habits. This is not an easy road but it is the one that takes you many places..

Observe your thoughts, clean them up. Give honor and reverence to the new you.. be your change inside out (dl) 

Friday, January 25, 2013

~ nothing to hold..

We tend to be very possessive, protective and righteous about our concepts and love. The "momma bear" syndrome kicks in when we are up against a wall, especially for our loved ones and beliefs. But ponder this, the Higher message…There is nothing to possess we don't own any of it.  "Mine" is not an option, not even our opinions so, there is nothing to defend. This is a tough one, stay with with me.. 

Everything you know, you have, or you receive, is from another Source. ~ It is the infinite spiral, interconnection ~ So to lay claim, defend or go to war for anything outside the heart is time wasted and brings us back to a place we are all trying to leave known as [separation…]

Without "ownership" comes with a responsibility. That responsibility is to uphold your virtues with the absence debate. When you are challenged, accept you are challenged because everyone has an idea of "how it is"…please don't take it personally or out of context. I am not speaking about danger. I am speaking to the vibration, the energy, the Love.. For every time you get riled up, it depletes you..

Consider the next level. It is a quiet one, a peaceful one minus the over zealous Ego. Perhaps in time, it will all make sense? I am not sure, I don't know. But at this juncture what I can tell you is that it just feels good to surrender. I offer this view,  it has served me well and in a time when there is so much turbulence, it is nice to have something to bring calm. When you understand you have nothing, then you truly have it all...  (dl)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

~ Our partners in relation to the ship that sails..

They show up when you least expect it. That is when chasing the elusive perfection comes to an end and we are open to what/who stands in front of us.

Going in… Be a friend before a lover.

The most important thing to remember is that Love will never hurt you… But, Emotions attached to what love is "supposed" to look like - will.

The first one who takes our breath away isn't always the one who will resuscitate us. In the beginning we are blinded, excited, unsure, but that is temporary, Know this well.. We all change and you must be open to this. Nothing will be the same as it was when you first met, this is a truth, and trying to keep it in its original form is the open door to resentment. You may grow together, or grow apart..that is how life works. Simple. Don't make it complicated or dramatic.

They can not read your mind.. so speak openly. Communicate. If you think they "should know" because they know you? That is selfish and unyielding.

If there are red flags? Your heart will tell you. Listen or pay the price. Don't allow someone in just to fill the void. If you think you will be the catalyst for better behavior, you are sadly mistaken. Don't let your ego fool you…They will only take on their change when they are ready willing and able. Waiting for this to happen? A root cause of suffering.

Don't hide what you love to do, to feel or to see.. How dare you be dishonest or ashamed for the sake or fear of losing them. That is disrespecting them, more importantly disrespecting your own Soul.

Accept them, all of them, just as you want to be accepted. If you can not at an early stage of the relationship, bow out - it will not be any different down the road.

Choose your battles. Really ? What purpose does it serve to fight. The answer is.. None. There is NO winner.. only pain.

Give each other time and space.. it is the gift of being true.
And if it ends, It was not meant to be. Thank them. You two came together for many reasons. Hopefully you can walk on with peace and dignity. Remember you chose them to be in your life and if you have ill-will now, what kind of a reflection are you honestly looking at?

Lastly, the heart may feel broken for the moment, but all that means is you are truly open, you will heal. And.. it is a beautiful reminder of just how alive you are ♥ (dl)
~ this was written in response to a heart felt message received today.. Thank you ~ A.Z.