Friday, February 28, 2014

The simple principal of having wealth is 'not wanting' it... Bring it on.

~ Abundance is only as good…  (like everything else) as the relationship you have with it. (How you view and directly interact with its meaning.) If you feel it is associated with negativity, or if there is doubt that you deserve to have it, have it all, nothing will ever come.

Can you see this barrier?

It is only when we decide to welcome life and all it holds, that we are allowed to bask in the light of our contentment. It is settling into the rightful mind-set of enough, and in this space is the pool of prosperity.. And rightfully so.

What does it look like? Everyone sees it differently. But when there is respect for wealth, (spiritually, mentally, physically and socially), then abundance will rain down… because the closer you get to spirit, the less you will actually want or need. It becomes internal and it will remain internal until implosion – That is the time in your space, where all that is around you is almost too much. Giving enhances..

Then, as you let go of material desires - you don't suffer for the lack of wanting.

Priorities alter, life simplifies, and want is relaxed by fulfillment. You don't spend money on the extraneous stuff and voila - your bank account magically begins to grow right along side your stability. And all the while that abundance becomes a standard of integrity, not monetary value. The matter of ‘principal’ is through the heart, not principal earnings.

Because when you chase of dream of higher ethics, (instead of the trivial,) the tendency to realize fruition is quicker, easier and far more fulfilling. It comes in to you in ways you could have never understood in the past of all your wanting.

Ask for alignment with the simple things and then work to them. Life will flow in accordance, meaning... exactly how you relate to your inner abundance (dl)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

As I am scrolling through my feed, I notice that lately, there is an unusually high amount of complaints and ranting going on…
(Even the positivity bandwagon has a smidge of the sarcastic.)

It looks like a backlash of the pleasers, appeasers and the ones who have tippy toed around some BS in order to keep the peace are standing up. Which of course, is fine. Yay… Stand tall.

But maybe the question is: what is there to prove? And who are they/we trying to convince? Vindication only satisfies the empty, hungry, hurting ego – not a stable, and full soul.…And it may be good to vent, but not so good to vent about being judged while condemning and judging the judgers. See the irony here?

It is pretty easy to get lost in our own perspectives (as I am right now.) The minutia of our daily grind takes precedence and well, we simply forget how meaningful life is without drama, and we fall into the trap of the ego/mind wanting acknowledgment of the trivial.

So – perhaps to be “right”, but in our own space is the answer, (the higher road) because we don’t need to look for approval or the accolades in and of our own opinions. That is exactly how we all separate, (begin to take sides.)

There are no winners in an argument, ever. There is nothing but heat and in the end ...who cares really? When we start a war with words, all bets are off. The oneness is gone, separation we try to avoid gets wider, deeper and the hole is far from full.

When we get hurt by another, our natural recourse is to respond but when we allow that ignorance to enter our head, the only thing accomplished is a bruised ego –

The thing about being “Spiritual” is that the path to peace is to learn and discern what our inner truth is – not take on someone else’s view of it.  ~ don't take it personal ~

Breathe… Don’t subscribe to anything in that doesn’t feel good.
So before the rant flies off the fingertips or worse, consider the source and then the consequences of the road you are about to embark on.
In the end, it saves a lot of wasted time in regret and apologies. (dl)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

~ The great façade of a well-dressed world

I do Yoga…

But I don't meet and greet, or say goodbye with Namaste. I live in my yoga pants, not because I want it be known I do yoga, but because I am 53, and they feel good on my menopausal belly. On occasion, I drop the f-bomb (but not as much as I used to). I have a deep respect for Mother Nature…(However, I am not a fan of some of her antics i.e. mosquitoes, slugs, and other assorted sea creatures.)

So what’s the point? It is simple.
Our practice doesn’t need a facade. Practice is an ongoing transformation of the internal without having to compete with another or make a statement about it, and it is personal. – There are no rules especially in Yoga, so as we all try to be unique there isn’t an “image” to follow – (which completely resonates with me, I am not too good at following…)

Most importantly…WE don't have "to be, or look like" anything but a body in motion with an intentional quest to rise (mentally and physically.)

NO one said, “it looks or sounds like this” – The ‘look’ just evolved, but it doesn’t have to be seen as the dread-lock dude or the flowy clothed woman. It doesn’t mean the mala wearing sun child has more wisdom, or the tree hugger has more peace. It also doesn’t mean the body sporting a 6-pac has better balance in their life –

It is all a facade (good or bad), and those exteriors are no more real than the Armani Suit wearer, Gucci bag holder, or the neatly quaffed runner sporting Nike head to toe. But do we become what we wear....Some would say this to be true.
They would argue that our clothing, our expressions our swag is all an extension of self.  Perhaps…It is hard to say.

– Is this a judgment? Yes.  But when we long to stand out, (and we all do until we figure out it isn’t necessary) it is easy to fall into the image trap, and the outside is the first thing within reach. Obviously, the exterior is changeable with the least amount of work which is fine, but walking the talk is what  sets us apart creates a beautiful soul.

~ When you begin inside, the rest just flows naturally…

So to keep on track here –
Through our practice, we emerge.. the exterior layer is secondary.
It isn’t what we wear, say or how we look. It is how we live, breathe and what we know inside beginning with love, respect, and kindness.
It isn't saying and reciting Sanskrit or bowing deeply - it is living the meanings fully. It isn't how many poses you are good at; it is what the pose does to your heart/mind body and soul.

No matter how you clothe the outer, the heart and mind need to be attended to, as well. They need the sun to shine on their nakedness, and they also need to be clothed and protected from the elements (mental/physical stress) - but that won’t happen until there is inner purpose.
This is the beauty of Yoga; it does this brilliantly hand in hand with a commitment to self-betterment, not a pseudo-exterior.

Live well, be well – Move.
Silently find your stance and wear that stance with a quiet inner pride. The transformation evolves from a little light inside to a glow that is seen for miles. When it is genuine there is no reason for a facade, clothing is optional, and the heart is completely transparent… Get your wings on, fly your warrior (dl)