Sunday, January 30, 2011


The information coming through is at an exhilarated speed. We are receiving what we resonate with and to what  level of understanding we can comprehend right now. Some are channeling the messages from Indian culture, nature, angels, some terrestrial , celestial, old prophets, psychics, telepathy and clairvoyance, guides etc…. these messages are related to the ones who wish to receive. 
What I find is very interesting that the messages are the same. LOVE, UNITY, PEACE and PRESERVATION.
The messages are for us to wake up, to be real as we can be, to listen and preserve our planet. We are to get in touch with the heart. Pay attention to what you really know inside and to speak with thought, dignity, and grace. 
We are to bring back the lost art of respect. We are to cherish the children and the elderly. We are to hold the families together even if it is not true blood. Let go of the hatred and separation and bring the suffering to an end. 
These messages are NOTHING new, it is just that more people are banding together because we now have the power to reach out globally and far beyond. 
Ascension? We will all get there eventually. But eventually is a long way off for many. Right now in this moment we are to be….. 
It is an urgency that we are feeling. We want everyone to see that there is much beauty and peace that is ours for the asking if we can get past the materialistic, toxic, society that inhabits much of this planet. 
Our Stunning nature, our amazing animals will one by one, tree by tree, lakes, rivers oceans will disappear if we do not stop the greed. 
The energy pouring in is for us to utilize, get in touch with the vibrational waves and light and get rid of the way we have known it to be. The old way, it is leaving rapidly, can you keep up? 
There are others out there, that have been there and back. There ones who walk with us and ones who fly with us. You don't have to believe, but I would advise you trust. All the evidence you need is right in front of you. The geometry of every living thing. 
The colors of the prism, the aromas of the budding branches, the beat of your heart. What more do you want? It is truth is the making every day you arise. 
Share it, be it, feel it make it happen…. please know we are not alone, you are never alone even in your solitude and, we are one (DL)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

~ shedding light ~

The light you give may not always be accepted. We can shine and share yet there will be a time when your love is thrown back to you like the echo in the canyon. 
When this happens, do not be disheartened. Do not be rejected. Understand the dynamics of the situation so you can step back and evaluate how you can learn from the moment. Make peace with it and walk on.
Observe the sign of the a shell that is not easily penetrated or wanting your glow.  
We can not touch everyone. We can just shine on. Our work is simple. 
Open the possibilities for the ones who are open. Open the possibilities for the rest when they are ready.
The light you shed is a part of the big picture, an extension of the sun and the beacon in the dark. An awesome responsibility we owe to ourselves to pass to another and so on. (DL) 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

~ Of your Own

Meditation and or Prayer are majic and both of these actions are personal. 
When in this state of mind, with a true intention for your highest good from your heart center, you create miracles with-in. 

“I will pray for you” This action sounds kind and noble enough yet, how do you really know what another truly needs or desires? 
How can you presume?  There are too many variables that can interfere.  
Please be aware that if you say that you will pray or meditate for someone else you are really asking that your intentions be heard - you are making it about you, can you see this statement? 
Everyone can use some help now and then but you should not be the voice of another. The query must be from the heart, and your heart is not their heart.

What you can do is…. Be the light to shine the way for them.  
Show them how to phrase from their heart what they really desire. You can , if requested, be in sync to the common meditation or prayer. You can ask your heart to beat harder so you pay attention. You can ask your head not to doubt. You can show another how much trust you place in your understanding that you have from your heart center.  This is how we share, this is how we grow together, this is energy and this is love. 
Support them by letting them know that they are the ones in charge of the inner (meditation) (prayer).

If it is a healing for another, open your heart to the acceptance of the healing and give that acceptance your support and touch.  Help other souls find their words to the universe. They are the master -  
Words are powerful, so let another speak their words then that energy can be felt and ingested.  
When they find their energy and know that they are making the choices to ask in prayer or mediation, it is life changing and invigorating. This can change the body.  
Every time you can bring up thoughts of high intentions through your heart center in happiness to the surface of your soul you change what is happening inside your body and a healing can occur.

Be in light, be in love, be in the moment………..Be.
Affirm: I give freely with, and through my meditation and or prayer  (DL)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~ Past Please ~

Remember where you come from and then be done. 

Our past is just that, the past. What do you hold on to?
Pieces of your experiences are there embedded in the memory - some good, some not so good. It is how you hold those pieces that make us who we are today. 
The best part of our brain is the ability of recall or the ability to shut out what you do not want to remember. The trick to getting past some of the collected pain, fear, anger is:
A.) looking to what triggered this
B.) understanding it just was.
C.) Not retelling the painful story ( this gives the story life and validity) 

You do not have to have instant replay. Take the tape out if it is troubling you. Every time you go back in your mind and it brings up the uncomfortable you get to acknowledge this and then dismiss it. 
The simple practice of saying thank you but those memories do not serve you will begin to train your mind to release the toxicity of the negativity that has a grip on your forward movement. Remember you are DONE. 
That moment has long passed even if it was only a second ago. 

Finding the experiences from your heart center that bring a smile to your body, that have helped you grow, alter a vision, or simply give you peace is the path to your health and your being. 
We are so conditioned to believe that drama and pain are what we have to live with. I say no to this. Life happens, this is true, yet your actions or non-action and reactions can be used to move us, and bring you to a better understanding of how we create our day without the heaviness hanging over our head.
Exercising and practicing in the mind daily is the key to the release. You have work to do, do your work with the understanding that inner peace is the pay-off. This is a trickle effect, watch how you glow and how others respond to your shine. (DL)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

~ emulation

It is said the most sincere form of flattery is imitation.
The sea reflects the sky, the wind whispers to the stones, the mountains hold many secrets.
Natures beauty and repetition is everywhere. ….. . Look around you and take it in for a minute.

How can we go about our day so casually when there is so many amazing textures, colors, forms to lay our eyes on?
How about the magnificent transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly? The flowers that bloom? The explosion of color in the leaf as it prepares to die (If only we could be as beautiful as the leaf we pass on)
Look at the web the spider weaves, it is intricate, delicate, and geometric.
Look at the sky, look at the reflection of the water, the water that holds much power and gives life. It is life.
Look at the rock formations that have stood the test of time. Millions of years old, strong, majestic, telling their story in layers.

Now, look at the faces of the strangers who glide by you in your day. Look at how beautiful the eyes are and if you are lucky enough to look deeply, you can see straight into their soul.
We are the imitation of each and every living thing in some small way. There are no limitations to this possibility.
That is the connection. When you understand the connection it is easier to fill your heart with compassion. It is harder to condemn others because if you do, you find you are condemning your own being.

Copy something beautiful, etch into your recall and then make it your own.
Be elated in emulation….be the one that others want to imitate…….(DL)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

~ Time warp

I don’t like to say “I never have enough time“  I like to say  “ it is the right time" 
If I declare it is so - it is so. 
If you use this concept to it’s fullest you will always have the time. You will see as the day rolls into night,  and as the sun moves across the sky that you have the control of your time.

If you say there are too many obstacles, understand those obstacles are tools for you to use. Grab them, embrace them. 
The more energy you give an obstacle the more “time” it takes from you. Think about what your life could be like without a belaboring drama attached to certain situations. See how you use the time, as you spend time trying understanding the emotions attached to these so called obstacles and what they really mean.  

The quicker you move through a disruption of the heart, the closer you get to your peace. When you are in your “peace” time stands still. 
The clock is worthless. When you are filled with the light of spirit, doing what you do, your valuable time becomes valuable to all others because of the peace in your heart which touches all. 
You are more productive, you have more energy, and you give light when time is motionless

Recall being lost in time when you were a child or maybe a vacation where you did not have to answer to the tick of the clock 
That is the feeling you can have if you choose to move in your own space.
Our experiences are largely based on time and we tend to encapsulate our experiences in time, as a marker. 
The when, becomes a how after time is attached to situations so, if you use the principal of evaluation your {how} can be long or short. Another way to use time is to create your intentions and attach time ( a by when ) to them. When you do this, you create and a path and an action to your intention. 

When we are learning, we are always right on time and it is the right time to learn (DL)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Internal Values / Rites / Secrets and Phrases

I gently request that you digest what you read and hear, then question it all. 
In this venue, nothing is absolute except what resonates with your heart center. And even then, you may still debate it…this is OK to do. Questioning is how we learn. 

You do not have to take in anything at face value until you feel it, hold it and can smile about it. The light we dance in is all theory. 
There is NO proof to any of it - it is just experiences retold from one to another through vehicles such as orations, writings, or technology. 
I have not yet met or heard of one soul who is considered a sage, full of wisdom, love and understanding who claims they "KNOW" and are absolute to the any mysteries our universe has on a spiritual level. It is undefinable. 
We try to communicate what is rooted, but it is so personal that words many times do not vindicate. 

Do your work, research, and practice the job you were entitled to do via your inner voice (the heart center) 
If you do not line up with another, don't be disheartened, there is so much for all of us to have it can be overwhelming. 
Be clear with your intentions to vibrate higher, listen with intent, and to honor how and what others are feeling and saying to this subject. 

Clean out the airwaves that surround you by tuning in internally. Stop the unwanted noise that irritates your sensibility. 
Open up your musical body rhythm and enjoy. This is our rite and our right. 
Lift your spirit as spirit flows in you when you touch, feel, and see nature. 
Life is all yours every day, every minute, every second. Climb the mountain, instead of taking the elevator. Swim in the water instead of riding in the boat. 
When you do you will be treated to more than just the physical experiences… you will understand your internal spirit…(DL)

Monday, January 3, 2011

~ the enemy mine ~

I Sleep so I can awake again, empty so I may fill up .
The circle continues and it expands. Learning is forever.

There is so much to be experienced. I run to the day to have new information.
Not all of it is processed immediately, or fits with my understanding in the moment. 
The teachings are all around me so I can utilize and share what has been presented now or later when the cultivation has been put into place. 

I was confronted the other day and it hurt me because I let it hurt.
No coincidence that much of my information lately has about releasing the issues that are in my mirror 
and what I discovered for me, was a deeper understanding of the words I have been given and the words I have received. 
We do not have to agree with anyone or anything that does not comply with our hearts. 
I learned how open to sadness I am when another is hurtful. ( My stuff) yet, what I took in that was their stuff. (My choice) 

I learned that tides turn, vindication is useless and unwise. 
I forgot my own words that spirit had sent to me, "Not all souls are ready to receive." 
Some are still infantile in their understanding so their process is not mine - our seeing and hearing are not always in alignment even when we think we are speaking the same language. 

Just because we have eyes it does not mean we can see, just because we touch, does not mean we can feel, just because we speak, does not mean we are heard. It is all perspective, and objective. That has to be my reminder everyday.  
I went to sleep for a bit yesterday and I woke up rested today ~ I say thank you now for the gentle slap…. 
The little sliver if irritation that was removed but left a small red spot to remind me of the “gift” 
Smiling ~ on to the day! (DL)