Sunday, May 14, 2017


In silence, a picture captures a thousand unsaid words and there is so much more to people than what we “think” we know…

For years I struggled with the relationship I had with my mother - there was a huge void. In my young eyes she was unavailable and empty to my emotions. She was “busy,” always busy and dismissive to so many of my questions.

I felt alone, unnoticed and a bit rejected.

Many years later into my adult life (and with the help of a wonderful teacher) that all changed. I was shown that my mother’s unavailability was a huge blessing. Her distant ways enabled me to do things, learn things, and figure out things for myself. I realized she gave me more than “absence” - she gave me strength and independence.

When this unfolded, the resentment began to melt my heart. A heart that I thought was closed off to her and I could open the door to compassion I held so tightly as it traded places with the bitterness. I was shown in more ways than one - a lighter, gentler side to my ego and ignorance.

We can’t change people… we can only change our reactions to them.

I now know she didn’t answer my queries because she didn’t know how to respond. I also now understand the vacancy -  she needed to “be” someone else other than a trapped housewife and the wife of a man who hung his own problems in a bottle.
She needed her space – she is human…

I am lucky that I have a Mom, as there are many that do not. And as I still try to understand our opposition to so many things, I also know without her, I am nothing – No thing, no soul, no person, no reason.

Lessons of love, lessons well learned. There is so much more to people than what we “think” we know… We can’t help where we come from but we can change the way we think and feel about it all.
Let love in.

To all the Moms, the Dads who are Moms, and all the ones in the village… 
Happy Mother's Day!

-debbie lynn

Monday, May 8, 2017

Impermanence Sucks: Coping with the Cosmic Dance

Impermanence sucks, it just does.

In our humanness, it seems we all want consistency and predictability; we rely on habits and patterns even when we know that nothing lasts forever. Knowing that longevity is only a dream, why do we get sideswiped by loss and change? For me, this is why:
  • I feel sad when I see the fallen leaf turning to lace, holding on to a skeleton of the past.
  • I feel empty when a rainbow dissolves.
  • I feel melancholy when I hear the coo of a dove whispering a distant melody.
  • I breakdown when the ghost of a time come-and-gone is tainted by my undependable memory.
Life. Death. Life….
Yeah, yeah, yeah—this is all too flowery? Sorry, but I need the aroma. I mean life goes on and then it dies. It renews, reshapes and reinvents itself to conform to the current situation. It goes round and round, and every inch of my being understands that there is something else, but there are times when I would like to hold on to the fragrance a little longer.
So I breathe in the cosmic dance that is so intricate and unyielding it can’t possibly stay still, and maybe that’s the point: maybe by accepting a metamorphosis that soothes the restless mind and lets us strive for the impossible, impermanence will give us a means to an end?
Or maybe it can help assimilate a deep long look into internal and infinite movements that “appear” to die. Or maybe, just maybe, it can help us find solace in, “There is a time and place for everything.”
“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.”
― Rabindranath Tagore
But my questions as to what really happens after death can be so heavy. Many people have so many theories. I can’t help but think there is a bigger purpose to life than birth-taxes-death. Also, attaching too much emotion to people, places and things that will be stripped away from me is nothing short of brutal.
Such is life.
But when we really get to that edge—that sharp and cutting edge—a new view might reveal things about love, how love is taken for granted. And while the thoughts of loss hover in the head and make us weep, I wonder if holding life a little gentler in our hearts makes a difference.
I decided, instead of crying for the pain, I can cry for a moment-of-pain because that pain is now transforming into something else; that’s what it does. So remembering that nothing lasts forever in its original form is a good place to start.

We get only get one chance, one time, one moment. That’s all there is, even when possessions look and feel familiar; they are fleeting.

“Anyone who has lost something they thought was theirs forever finally comes to realize that nothing really belongs to them.”
― Paulo Coelho
And this is something else I ponder: after it is all said and done, after the last seed has been returned to the dirt and the last song has been sung… all of it—all of It—has the propensity to be something other than it was before. That’s kind of cool.
So when I sat with this, “impermanence” sucked a bit less and I finally understood it is a truth laced in change. Then I embraced that ol’, “Change is good,” phrase and let the “truth” simply die to be reborn again and again and again.
All of that helped, but… impermanence still sucks.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Keep your heart close to your bones and your arms wide open…

The tragedy of separation is when we stop living, stop embracing life, and give way to a slow erosion of the soul. 
When we think that we are protected by time and space, and touch is replaced by observance – and when heart truth is replaced by uncommitted surrender as the light inside dwindles… 
it’s a tragedy. 

This tragedy seeps into the marrow, depletes the must-needed oxygen and makes us tired. 
It pulls on the heartstrings and each blade of the shoulder becomes heavier, burdened and alone.

We are not masters of illusion – none of us.
We are transparent, connected and fragile no matter what the outside appears to be…

We are not hopeless until we avow to disconnect.
And when we checkout… we selfishly punish no one and everyone.
So despondent isn’t really chic, or hip or current; it is old and redundant, 
please don’t get it twisted.

Every breath you are breathing is the breath of millions – feel it, know it, because it is wildly exciting to be a part of the bigger inhalation. 
Undulating... the wave is always in motion. Make no mistake life isn’t waiting to be called or acknowledged and crawling to a standstill is a lie – 

we are totally mobile mind/body/soul – reach for it.
Yes we need each other.
We need a global resurrection of a 'united front' 
so every person, (man woman and child) will never 
have to experience the tragedy of separation.
-debbie lynn

“When you make a world tolerable for yourself,
you make a world tolerable for others.”
                                -Anais Nin

Monday, April 24, 2017


This helped me grow up a bit…

“Everything is nothing with a twist” – Kurt Vonnegut

You know that regret that hangs over your head - the one you think about, you nurture, you hold? It’s not real and the thing is - when we are hanging on by a thread, everything that used to matter eventually becomes nothing.

Have you ever crossed a burning bridge (without regrets), sat on the edge of a cliff, climbed up a mountain, gone thirsty and spiritually hungry?  Have you laid your head in the ashes of a loved one, held the door open for sabotage and welcomed the suffering and pain? Have you said I love you to a stranger and meant it so fully you were brought to tears? 

If you have a yes to any or all of it, the world has offered you a different view because you allowed it to. And when we say yes, we take on bigger, fuller obligation to self. Don't be fooled, don’t get it twisted, we are not tasked with things we cannot handle. Our responsibilities match our ability whether we agree to it or not.

It's not a test, just a grand gesture of opportunity stripping away the trivial as the inner truth leaves us quite raw. 

It is time to stop complaining and get it done.
No one else will do it for us…
Time to rise a bit more, grow a little wiser, think a bit deeper and be thankful a bit longer.
Just let it all go.

Because the closer we get to Spirit (our inner essence) the less we need, and eventually everything simply becomes nothing…

-debbie lynn


Dear Universe,

I am writing to you now to purge a few things that are sitting heavily on the minds of so many – and the weight is unbearable.

We are searching, wreathing, wrenching and exasperated by the ‘whys’ and even though you have given small bits of information unto our being… we are tired. We wonder if that “info” you so generously delivered means a bigger message is looming underneath it all?

The activity and chaos are everywhere and we get that – good and bad. So as you (The Mighty Universe) are pulsing we feel it; but we don’t always understand it. 

We all want the atrocities to stop but you keep on sending waves of oceanic misery encased in love… how can this be?

The allure of the body/soul and mind, the mystery of the untouchable, and the candid openness of the infinite is all there (thank you) - but when we look out to the billions of stars in the blackest nights; seeing our internal heart can be intimidating. 

We know you know this, but what are we to do with it? 

Do we go to bed every night and sleep with questions that mind-fuck us forever, or are you going to reveal yourself - deeper, wiser and with more compassion. Do you feel sorry for us or are you punishing us? So many, many queries to think about.

Maybe that is your way. Maybe we are the experiment, the test, the ones to be studied, but how much more can we take, feel and do before we implode?

Dripping wax, waxing nostalgia, and longing for the heaven within the hell we all live in... what comes next? Tell us; please tell us what you are silently observing? 

And when we breathe with you, are we all rushing through your veins and making your heartbeat? Do we give you oxygen as you do for us, or are you dying inside from our worldwide toxicity?

What kind of pain are YOU experiencing? Do you feel it in each one of us? Is this why you cry with global flooding, venomous lava, arid desert patience, and the war within the war within the war? What should we do?

The Masters you have sent to us have all said the same things in different tones, languages, and medium – yet the wicked stomp on their wisdom. How is this possible?

And we ask, “How long will it be before you are done with us?”

The bigger picture contained in our smallness is: What will it take to reverse the damage, sing to the moon, revere the Great Mother and let peace reign again for a while? 

We know it can be done.

Dear Universe, please understand for most of us it is your complexity that holds us at bay and the wheel goes round, so we beg of you to help with the masses. The ones that just want to clarify the process, join your awareness and fluidity...and rise - 
we want this, we truly do.

So with great reverence in our heart, we ask you now….
Please gently shake us to the core, untie our madness, forget about our twisted, inane, whining and pull us into your chest for a hug. Let us open our eyes to you, cry with the wolves, and bleed with mountains. 

We need it. We are desperate. Can you hear us?

With a loving bow we await our inner answers.

A world gone mad.

-debbie lynn

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


don’t know how to capture it – 
the sounds, the feelings, the immensity of it all – 
it sits inside my mind, talks dirty to me with that voice, that insistent voice of questioning.
It comes in like a howling wind, raging like uncontrolled floodwaters.
It is the emotional state of mind that simply has no business to judge – 
how can it judge when there are so many bigger, and more important things to be concerned with? And yet, like a whisper of the dancing branch (in gale force energy) – there is always a way to stop the movement in my mind by being present to it all.
I take a breath, a snapshot of a distant memory – put it to sound, touch it, hold it and caress that whimsical self absorbed moment. 
But as quickly as it showed its face, it is gone. 
And once again the question arises… how can I capture it, savor it, revel in it?
The answer is: I can’t.

Life is full of transient moments with myriad pulsing atomic particles of every living, breathing thing…
So, I drink it in, it is my muse.


Thursday, February 2, 2017


There is a beautiful allure about not knowing (especially in relationships) as we weave in and out of familiarity....
There are things we do together in harmony and in sync with cosmic wheel of unity - and they will happen spontaneously as we learn to be with each other and accept each other as individuals.

This is the synchronicity of our connection(s) and the light of sharing experiences - so don’t lose it, don’t ruin it by assumptions.

Don't try to force it.

Because the minute we think we “know” our partners, friends or family, it seems as if their enigmatic persona fades and we blame longevity; yet it isn’t the age of the relationship, it is the way we (and we alone) view it.

This is the downfall of having expectations and taking our relationships for granted. (Remember – NO one is the same as they were at the onset). We change, we grow, we make our paths hand in hand, or we really need to walk on.

It isn’t about “knowing them” it is about embracing habitual expectancy. Use the habits (the mannerisms) as possibility, not as an excuse or a mind-reading tool. 

Discovery keeps life fresh, while being a knower will suffocate that aliveness in an instant.

Revive your relationship.... celebrate solidarity in each and every soul.

-debbie lynn