Sunday, November 9, 2014

I don’t have regret I have curiosity…

The wonder of “what if” crosses my path now-and-then and stirs my imagination, but there will never be a way to know or a way to tell how the unseen would have played out….. just a thought of a possibility that slipped away under the guise of choice. 

.... and I would not change one thing in my life because I truly understand the ripple - (knowing good times as well as bad times had a huge impact) I am grateful. So as I have aged (and thankfully received a bit of wisdom) I am a little more reserved, more thoughtful and more cautious with decisions. My spontaneity is not gone, it still envelopes my essence, but all this means is I am quicker to say “NO” and mean it.

The point is: We can make the next moment amazing, or simply ruin it with “what if” -dwelling there removes our sensibility and it is futile. 

* (Let the past stay there where it belongs.) 

Thoughts like "It could have", "it might have", or the real version "it didn’t happen..." are the only things we know for sure. So when the past rises give it a smile or perhaps an internal bow - but remember it is the Universe, the imagination, the intuition (the 3rd eye) that really gets the credit of who and where we are now. 

It is said, “curiosity killed the cat” - I say, the cat has nine lives. (dl)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

I am not what you think I am…..

We are the all, we are nothing - and we shed our persona daily. The skin that holds us together changes, dies, and revitalizes until the circle of life puts us in another form…. and even then, someone will still try to pigeon-hole us as this way or that. But I guess that is what people need because when you get right down to it, no one really knows, no one really cares, and no one can say differently (without a lie crossing their lips) and speak to what happens to us in absolute validity –

Is it just cause, cause and effect, or the ever-popular ‘karma’ that takes us from one dimension to another? No one can be sure. 

The truth is: There is not one single truth; there is 7billion and counting so the big picture is totality. We are a working humming organism of chaos and most of us (myself included) have a very hard time trying to wrap our head around all the things (like this) that we really do not know.

I do not pretend to understand my mind, my purpose, and what is beyond it. We (you and I) go about our business. Some do it with passion, some with indifference and some with malice but in the end, I suppose there is a price to pay.  

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust - All I can hope for this: that the next time around, (if there is one….) I will fly (dl)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

~ Call "it", as we see it...

When we call our self-out as the “Godself” it isn’t about wanting power, admiration or worship.  It is a direct kinship with everyone and everything that is within our view; and anyone one who believes that they are more superior then you or I is not in touch with this concept. 

Ironically, the magnitude of that idea scares many, yet many profess, “we are one” - 
So to really get behind the mantra, we must have the knowing, the compassion, and the tolerance to embrace it all - Not just the beautiful side (beauty is easy to behold) but to embrace the bad and the ugly as well. 

We are what we love and adore, hate, and or don’t care about in our self and others. 
We are as real as we want to be no matter what it looks like or what you call it. 
There isn’t a separate self.….. and love shows up when you behold this brilliance in the nature of all things (all of it.) It shows up when we are and thrilled as we smell the essence, savor the delicacy; remember the images. 

It is important to carry and include the memory of our self as a part of it all as well. (The Godself) the truth and the way. 

Once you get it, once you see it - you will never view life with the same eyes. Then using your vision wisely and with love, this view will carry you past the terror of fear, lift you up with all its strength, and set you gently into your dreams.  (dl)

Friday, September 19, 2014


~ In times of sadness and desperation it is natural to seek out relief via another vehicle (i.e. someone else to validate our pain and to fix it) but please beware that No One has the ability or the authority to do that. And while finding temporary comfort in warm words, or the touch of another’s presence is a beautiful way to take the edge off - in the end, the responsibility is our own to get it right…. 

It has to be understood that along side our pain we get to do the work. Repeat, “get to”. That work is our salvation. Although it is a double edged sword, the sword has the ability (when accompanied by love) to cut through the toxic B.S. we ensue. Use it properly and it will make room for gratitude no matter how ugly the situation is - 

So when we are looking for the neat and tidy answers we want to hear instead of a raw heart truth - those intensely wanted words can work against our inner healing. They only serve (momentarily) as a band-aide that simply covers up the mess. 

If commiseration is really needed... run to it but don’t forget it is not anyone else’s job to repair what has been broken, slashed or disturbed. Hopefully they (the commiserators) can hold some light for you to honor what is truly going on. A light for you to look at it (the pain); touch it; feel it; and put a name to it without playing the blame game – (Blame tends to make us weak and spiteful.) 

We are all here learning to ride the wave of the world and to get better, not bitter. 

The power to find solace is in our own hands…

Take it on, to move on and may peace be your companion. (dl)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

~ Centered.....

The pendulum swinging is a measure of time and space and our emotions don’t need to follow…

Outward expressions can be impressive yet oh-so vacant as the emotional eruptions peak, then fade into the background. I know emotion is our nature, but neither the good or the bad needs to be overly expressed or dramatized. 

As soon as emotion is untied/untethered from happiness or sadness - our inner feelings will really mean something inside…So let be personal, let it fill you, let it move you to silent tears and then, balanced (centered in grace) emotion just goes in deeper. 

Of course life is easier on the up side but remember too much of anything only makes us tilted. 

When we are not in a high or a low the presence of gratitude will remain longer in core stability, and sadness will dissipate and heal faster. If we are tipping to one side or the other, we can't be in our truth, it is obviously unbalanced - truth is found in the middle way. 

Calm everything down, way down - take a breath…. and let it be. Centered. Balanced. whole. (dl)

Saturday, September 13, 2014


“You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.” ― Thích Nhất Hạnh

Love (like anything else) if held too tightly, will have the lifeblood squeezed out of it.
Hold it gently; it is precious.

When love is clean, you can see how completely uninhibited (free) it truly is. Nothing hanging on it to make it heavy - nothing attached. 

We all want love - 
To be loved, to give love, to have love and yet the partnering process has become belabored in conditions…The most common mistake is ownership (i.e. “they are mine”) followed by what is expected in return, which is simply something we made up in our head.

We box in our relationships based on some very unreal environments via the fairy tale, drama, and untruths without a single thought of consideration to the individual beings that we are, and the 'One' we want to share our time with - 
(*This is the perfect script for a complete and total disaster.)

Go in without expectation.

This doesn’t mean drop your standards or boundaries; it means - let them be. The beauty of getting to know one another is growing together, walking the path hand-in-hand not trying to mold them to fit our desires. 

Imprisoning love is fatal.

In the end, the only thing we have is control of our self  - and love will surely die without its wings. 
-debbie lynn

Monday, September 8, 2014

~ One Candle...

~ As we watch the ones we love make life so incredibly complicated the question rises…. Why do they instill such a mess (in the head)? Why do they always have to have something to clean up? Is it out of habit? Boredom or addiction to drama? 

What an exhausting way to live - and they are tired, constantly tired, believing the Universe has conspired against them but that is so twisted. Life isn’t about it/them against us – It isn’t a competition. 

And while every inch my heart wants to scoop them up and embrace their self-pity and sadness - I won’t. I refuse to empower that behavior. And on a higher level,we have to remember and understand it isn’t our place to fix their thinking. * Everyone must learn his or her limitations and responsibilities* It is Human 101 - the class of accountability.

So all we can do is listen and be there. Be above the ego that wants to set them straight, and just listen. Be above the urge the ego/mind has to judge and preach. (It is hard to fight it) but it is just an urge…. so reel it in then….

Take their hand; give them love. Take their sadness; give it hope. Take their darkness; light a candle but never take any of it inside. It is a fine line to walk. But it is our duty to them to stand just outside the pain… yet never far enough away we can’t touch them in some way. (dl)

Breathe it in....

~ Rushing the day, rushing the seasons, bombarded with expectations, predictions, and sly mind-bending concepts is the perfect storm of fear based manifestations. It is a control game, and most of us are abiding by the energy. It is the ‘norm’ yet so un-normal allowing the unnatural to lead…. and let me tell you, (if you haven’t already noticed) our Mother, (Earth) is not happy. 

Instead of rising in presence, there is an up-rising of past and future. Instead of contentment, there is misery and it is global. To the richest of the rich to the poorest of the poor - there is no line to cross anymore, it is a huge gaping hole that longs to be filled. 

What to do? Stay centered, stay in your presence and locate the unwavering love to fill that gap. 
It is kindness, it is sharing. It is gesture, it is a smile. It is the extended hand, and the heart of the Spiritual Warrior to stand tall and respected without a single word. It is taking time to breathe. 
Inhale - take in peace, exhale give it out. It all begins with the air and the energy we share. Think about that unity, think about solidarity, and most importantly slow down.

When we get it, we truly get it - there isn’t that lingering stench of hopelessness. We can control our own time and destiny with the pace that suits our personal rhythm - Not the clock, not the demands of the outer pseudo time and space. We can align with nature and what we need to do for her - Not what she needs to do for us. Get this right… 

Because if we don’t, our breath won’t be an issue, nothing will be left - not the past, the future or our now. (dl)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

BE who you are...

~ It is beyond my ability to reconcile with the insidious thoughts of self pity, and the dangerously dirty and depleting inner self talk that can take my breath away at times; it is like I don’t even know what unleashes that side of “me”... Yet, at the same time I hear it, see it and wonder why or how do these things ever enter my space? 

My logical mind says no worries, it is just the dark side, give it some light. My heart says bring it on… My body says oh that doesn’t feel good, but my Soul knows. It knows when enough is enough and to surrender without judgment or a fight is the only path to peace. 

And finally after all these years, I came to this acceptance - Totality. One thing cannot exist without the its opposite. It is a harsh truth but we all know the truth will set you free. Not to bury or hide or mask who you are but to embrace every inch, every thought, and put yourself right. 

There is not a formula… it is personal. But when you really ask the hard questions and listen to the answers - with a shrug of the shoulders and a gentle hug from above, moving past the little nasties (in our head) life gets easier, smoother and cleaner. It is a process… and we go full circle to round back again. Sometimes you just have to go hummmm (dl)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Time Out for Time In

Waking up and feeling out of sync is not just a Woman's thing…

We all respond to the energy that surrounds us - (where we live, who we live with, what the weather is doing etc.) because our bodies are receivers. 
There are times (for no apparent reason) we feel less than… a bit heart achy a bit reflective, a bit used and when we really don't know why. 
First – Understand you are normal and not alone.
Second - Welcome to a higher level of a"tune"ment.

Sometimes it simply helps to remember this: We are constantly exposed to the bombardment of chaos and the only restitution will be found in our practice. This practice consists of a little quiet time.
* There is deep solace to be had in self-care * 

If you tell me you don't have time, I will tell you - You can only fool your body for a short while....and all the excuses of why and where the inner care has gone to (time, space, life - work, spouses, children, demands) are readily available to cling on to you - but don't need to bring them forward, it is better to let them go. Trust me when I tell you - you cannot go on like superwoman/man for too long without a break down.

Choices are not always easy, but when you take time for yourself and breathe (at the minimum) the choices you make will be made with clarity. 
Give yourself that present, so you can be present for others.

Mind/body/Spirit – Take care of yourself first. You are needed, you are loved.  (dl)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to connect with Spirit Outdoors

There is nothing more revealing, raw and sacred than the natural truth found in nature. (To me), this is “Spirit”/”God”/”The all”…
and we can all use a large dose of what Nature holds for us –

There are no secrets when you choose to engage with the natural surroundings. In order to appreciate life, it only takes a moment in the beauty and to treasure the simple complexities of our landscape with the life that occupies it.

The most amazing thing is how it all reflects –

It is said that imitation is the highest form of a compliment – 
Well, emulation is found all around us (which can make me feel very small.) And in this space of smallness (vulnerability) is a beautiful truth, no matter how you look, what you do, how you live – we, you and I are that reflection. The repetition is uncanny with the mind-blowing geometry and rhythm and the connection of the song is undeniable.

Being in and with nature is the quickest way to re-connect when feeling separated from your faith, and the chaos of urban noise has you agitated. The rhythmic sounds are everywhere and can quietly calm even the most restless and angry Soul. There is music in the silence, and the rage of the sea. 

From the tiniest microorganism to the oldest tree, from debts of the ocean to the stars in the sky the wonderment can take your breath away. And as it does, you get to replenish each breath with clarity –
The music sings the melody of the creator; it is the pulse of the entire Universe as is it dances, drink it in.

When the Buddha said, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”
I see this as meaning these things are always present, as is our total connection.
…And (to me) there is nothing more comforting than knowing the Sun and the Moon will always rise no matter where I am or how many clouds are over me –

The truth of purpose is found in our own nature, and brought out even more when accept the synchronicity of it all.
Nature has a way of bringing it to light, to the heart as directed by Spirit. Reconnect.

Listen to the melody... (dl) 360 degrees of inspiration ( full circle)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Most of us experience the burning question at some point in our life - “Who are we, why are we here and what is our purpose?” And spend a long time looking for an answer.

Some come into it by an aching curiosity, and some come to this journey out of duress. Some will analyze it to death by going deep, and some will just leave it be… but I have to tell you; all the masters, all the visionaries, all the knower’s of the world and beyond have not come to any single agreeable conclusion.

There are of course, commonalities that we all go through – Pain and suffering being number one. The second is the extreme complexities and mysteries in the Universe that our simple minds cannot yet comprehend, and another is a huge separation we have instilled throughout our society by race, creed, color, religion, and status.

It all begs to have answers so we can have a logical understanding of yin/yang, black/white, atrocity vs. beauty.
But a solid answer…? It will never happen. There are too many variables, too many opinions, and too many outcomes.

Even if there were a tangible answer, it wouldn’t matter; all we do in our Humanness is complicate what is innately true.

So while Science and Religion and their theories are in conflict, (one against the other along side of us - battling for the exclusive right to be right), we invent narratives. Stories and explanations to whom and why, what and where.. (Because it makes us feel better and intelligent) … And we ponder.

But here is a thought…there is nothing to do –
We are born; we die. What we live in-between is living.

And self love? It is gone, thrown out like trash - We continue to suffer, yearning for the elusive explanation all the while we mistreat our mind, our body and Soul with poison thoughts/food/and lack of pleasure and activity. It is no wonder we cannot hear the answers, we are too closed off – but still want to know why we cannot get an explanation and retribution from it all.

Ego check -

So the question still remains, how can we find truth in a world that holds so steadfastly to an ‘absolute’ and when we are full of drama and negativity?

Perhaps this will help –
Pay attention. Pay close attention to the whispers of the Universal knowing. Hear the sounds of inertia singing loud, beckoning us to answer the call to change.
Purpose is revealed when the heart can respond to these calls.

When we decide to stop whining and complaining about the trivial, get out of the doldrums of the urban/suburban mentality that lays wasted in material wants, clarity will find us. Life completely alters when we get out of our heads and into being of service to someone, anyone that we meet along the path.

Purpose is born out of the flow (kindness, service, truth) then, it will die and be born again. This is our cycle, just as like seasons – everything new becomes old then new again. It changes as we increase our intellect along side of the natural intellect already in place for us…. All truths are held in the sacred home of our heart.

Love rules and Kindness knows no borders. So when you are asking the eternal question – listen carefully, thoughtfully and mindfully to the answer. Then live it.

Our duty is as simple, (but no less, or no more important) than our breath and the way we chose to live our life (minimal or to the max.) Intention and follow-though will carry…

How we accomplish it…. ? That is a different subject. (dl)

Friday, February 28, 2014

The simple principal of having wealth is 'not wanting' it... Bring it on.

~ Abundance is only as good…  (like everything else) as the relationship you have with it. (How you view and directly interact with its meaning.) If you feel it is associated with negativity, or if there is doubt that you deserve to have it, have it all, nothing will ever come.

Can you see this barrier?

It is only when we decide to welcome life and all it holds, that we are allowed to bask in the light of our contentment. It is settling into the rightful mind-set of enough, and in this space is the pool of prosperity.. And rightfully so.

What does it look like? Everyone sees it differently. But when there is respect for wealth, (spiritually, mentally, physically and socially), then abundance will rain down… because the closer you get to spirit, the less you will actually want or need. It becomes internal and it will remain internal until implosion – That is the time in your space, where all that is around you is almost too much. Giving enhances..

Then, as you let go of material desires - you don't suffer for the lack of wanting.

Priorities alter, life simplifies, and want is relaxed by fulfillment. You don't spend money on the extraneous stuff and voila - your bank account magically begins to grow right along side your stability. And all the while that abundance becomes a standard of integrity, not monetary value. The matter of ‘principal’ is through the heart, not principal earnings.

Because when you chase of dream of higher ethics, (instead of the trivial,) the tendency to realize fruition is quicker, easier and far more fulfilling. It comes in to you in ways you could have never understood in the past of all your wanting.

Ask for alignment with the simple things and then work to them. Life will flow in accordance, meaning... exactly how you relate to your inner abundance (dl)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

As I am scrolling through my feed, I notice that lately, there is an unusually high amount of complaints and ranting going on…
(Even the positivity bandwagon has a smidge of the sarcastic.)

It looks like a backlash of the pleasers, appeasers and the ones who have tippy toed around some BS in order to keep the peace are standing up. Which of course, is fine. Yay… Stand tall.

But maybe the question is: what is there to prove? And who are they/we trying to convince? Vindication only satisfies the empty, hungry, hurting ego – not a stable, and full soul.…And it may be good to vent, but not so good to vent about being judged while condemning and judging the judgers. See the irony here?

It is pretty easy to get lost in our own perspectives (as I am right now.) The minutia of our daily grind takes precedence and well, we simply forget how meaningful life is without drama, and we fall into the trap of the ego/mind wanting acknowledgment of the trivial.

So – perhaps to be “right”, but in our own space is the answer, (the higher road) because we don’t need to look for approval or the accolades in and of our own opinions. That is exactly how we all separate, (begin to take sides.)

There are no winners in an argument, ever. There is nothing but heat and in the end ...who cares really? When we start a war with words, all bets are off. The oneness is gone, separation we try to avoid gets wider, deeper and the hole is far from full.

When we get hurt by another, our natural recourse is to respond but when we allow that ignorance to enter our head, the only thing accomplished is a bruised ego –

The thing about being “Spiritual” is that the path to peace is to learn and discern what our inner truth is – not take on someone else’s view of it.  ~ don't take it personal ~

Breathe… Don’t subscribe to anything in that doesn’t feel good.
So before the rant flies off the fingertips or worse, consider the source and then the consequences of the road you are about to embark on.
In the end, it saves a lot of wasted time in regret and apologies. (dl)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

~ The great façade of a well-dressed world

I do Yoga…

But I don't meet and greet, or say goodbye with Namaste. I live in my yoga pants, not because I want it be known I do yoga, but because I am 53, and they feel good on my menopausal belly. On occasion, I drop the f-bomb (but not as much as I used to). I have a deep respect for Mother Nature…(However, I am not a fan of some of her antics i.e. mosquitoes, slugs, and other assorted sea creatures.)

So what’s the point? It is simple.
Our practice doesn’t need a facade. Practice is an ongoing transformation of the internal without having to compete with another or make a statement about it, and it is personal. – There are no rules especially in Yoga, so as we all try to be unique there isn’t an “image” to follow – (which completely resonates with me, I am not too good at following…)

Most importantly…WE don't have "to be, or look like" anything but a body in motion with an intentional quest to rise (mentally and physically.)

NO one said, “it looks or sounds like this” – The ‘look’ just evolved, but it doesn’t have to be seen as the dread-lock dude or the flowy clothed woman. It doesn’t mean the mala wearing sun child has more wisdom, or the tree hugger has more peace. It also doesn’t mean the body sporting a 6-pac has better balance in their life –

It is all a facade (good or bad), and those exteriors are no more real than the Armani Suit wearer, Gucci bag holder, or the neatly quaffed runner sporting Nike head to toe. But do we become what we wear....Some would say this to be true.
They would argue that our clothing, our expressions our swag is all an extension of self.  Perhaps…It is hard to say.

– Is this a judgment? Yes.  But when we long to stand out, (and we all do until we figure out it isn’t necessary) it is easy to fall into the image trap, and the outside is the first thing within reach. Obviously, the exterior is changeable with the least amount of work which is fine, but walking the talk is what  sets us apart creates a beautiful soul.

~ When you begin inside, the rest just flows naturally…

So to keep on track here –
Through our practice, we emerge.. the exterior layer is secondary.
It isn’t what we wear, say or how we look. It is how we live, breathe and what we know inside beginning with love, respect, and kindness.
It isn't saying and reciting Sanskrit or bowing deeply - it is living the meanings fully. It isn't how many poses you are good at; it is what the pose does to your heart/mind body and soul.

No matter how you clothe the outer, the heart and mind need to be attended to, as well. They need the sun to shine on their nakedness, and they also need to be clothed and protected from the elements (mental/physical stress) - but that won’t happen until there is inner purpose.
This is the beauty of Yoga; it does this brilliantly hand in hand with a commitment to self-betterment, not a pseudo-exterior.

Live well, be well – Move.
Silently find your stance and wear that stance with a quiet inner pride. The transformation evolves from a little light inside to a glow that is seen for miles. When it is genuine there is no reason for a facade, clothing is optional, and the heart is completely transparent… Get your wings on, fly your warrior (dl)

Friday, January 24, 2014

~ The remains of 'Love'....

"Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident”.
** Louis de Bernières **

I talk about the ever-changing form of love a lot. It has so many meanings and so many faces for us all, (which makes it very difficult to pin down.) But, it really doesn't need to be categorized or measured; that is the biggest problem in relationships.

We make love something other than it is and it becomes riddled with expectations. Then it is blamed for the let down and the inner pain when in fact it is our own distortion and comparisons that tear it apart. The relationship becomes this 'thing', based on a memory or a fairy tale or both (wrapped up in delusion.)

So after the fire has died, and the thighs don’t quiver in lust anymore it is very hard to rekindle the flame. It takes skill and artistry to keep a spark alive and quite frankly, most don’t have the wisdom, knowledge or the energy. Which (to me) is empty – That emptiness is a hole that is left in the ashes in the core of the soul. Yet, it is the very core essence that was seen at the beginning. It was seen through the eyes of “being in love” and is now viewed as nothing.

~ We could all learn to love nothing ~

Because underneath it all…. is how two people were brought together –  
It is “the fortunate accident”, the beautiful meeting, and the electricity of bodies colliding to make one love. But the truth is, real people change.

And when it is over, the most important thing to remember is gratitude. It often gets lost in the blame and the mess, which remains in the heat of the memory. That memory is usually comprised of how it was, compared to how it is.. and it hurts.

So to salvage the pride and recapture the misplaced moments, a simple Thank You to that relationship is the key. Say thank you for their time, their presence, and all that you (as a couple) went through together. It can ignite a big beautiful sigh and perhaps some inner peace. Once you arrive here, it can shed a lot of light on whom you love and how you love. Forgiveness reigns in gratitude.

– This is the artistry in the lesson and can paint your heart a new color when you feel it has faded to black.

And just that simple understanding…our love changes, changes everything - Period.
It grows up, it rises, it falls and it is a lifetime of stories.
Even if you try to deny it, it is always here/there – Just as the seasons, night to Day, day to night. Birth and death, the beginning and the end - it is life and Love is the ultimate thread through it all.

Don't be fooled by a dwindling emotion – Emotion is not solely love.
Love is that gift in a fleeting moment. We, you and I can never hold it. If we try, just like water, it only slips away. Then poof! Like magic, yes, the love has changed again.

The best way to love is to let it be. With that, there is freedom. With freedom there is acceptance and in acceptance… there is pure love, everything in tack. It rises from the ashes again. And that amazing Love is “art and a fortunate accident” that is ready to bring us to another time and place, with someone new to collide with.

There are no coincidences – ever. (dl)