Friday, June 8, 2012

~ To defend what can hardly be articulated is pointless.. And yet it is a constant battle. It rages war, arrogance, intolerance and ignorance all in the "name" of GOD…The name that holds all meanings but is desperately, and tiresomely separated by the Masses and the beliefs. How can anyone defend what is obvious and obscure?

We say with all accordance "stop and smell the roses" .. You would be hard pressed to find a disagreement but in the wonder, the beauty, the aroma, color and its thorn(s) is the rose one single "thing" ? Yes? No? It is comprised of many parts. Do you stop and look at it as an individual pieces or does it call you in and hold you in its totality?

If you accept the Rose as a whole (thorns and all) then in this acceptance is the beginning of the end.. The end of all disconnection as the separations melt away. The beginning of the Pause, the draw, that holds us for a moment in blissful suspension. No judgement, just the wrapped in the moment of the moment.

As for the ones who tell you it is this way or that.. bless them all and let them have it. It is true and real for them  just as the rose in its color, texture and aroma.. You like it, you don't Or is it just an object to get our attention ? Perhaps..To admire from a distance, and carefully lifted to the face for an inhale (dl)