Thursday, October 27, 2016


 The language of the forest 
can be heard 
just by being in the midst of it.
The trees 
in moss they are 
forlorn and wise. 
They endure on 
sacred ground
and rise where 
very few dare to walk. 
The woodlands 
stand sentinel 
and beckon “enter” 
with the magic 
of heavy-laden 
The lyrical 
movement is alluring 
yet an abstract 
and unsure presence 
and pulls at the heart strings.
The sun barely shines 
the thickness 
and the
nowhere to rest or reflect. 
The dampness 
still holds 
an aroma of rain 
and at any moment 
could reveal 
in the mind.

-debbie lynn


Sunday, October 16, 2016


Intentions - getting real

Great strides in healing are made when we decide the energy spent in resentment, blame and anger just doesn’t make sense to us anymore.This realization lifts a ton of toxicity off our back as we stop trying to rationalize the irrational. Once here (in this view) we can step back and set some real attainable inner aspirations.

But to do this, it is so important to understand the flavor of our intentions (getting to know them personally). The intricacies of our mind (our pre-conditioned patterns) are so very interlaced with our feelings that they end up attaching, co-creating, and influencing what is in our heart and soul of intent.

Our intentions are a powerful and an amazing energy - they are: Our everything.
This energy trickles outward into and onto all we do and encounter daily.

We are the influencers of the wave, the mystic connection of one moment to the next and we are responsible for this motion. WE, (yes you and I) have huge effects on our interior and exterior world so we must be accountable (at all times) with our thoughts, our words and actions. Never for one minute discount the power of intention; it truly supersedes all but a few things have to be put in place as we go.

Breaking free from the intended role of the "victim" -

As the victim, we stay small and we stay in unhealthy shame as we beat our head against the wall for clarity. Even when we believe our intent is in the perfect spot, if we are still clinging to blame, we muddy up the energy and override its purity. It is also important to know that the answers we seek can elude us for a myriad of reasons when we maintain an unresolved status.


1) We are not ready -
The emotional strain of the truth may be too much to bear right now (it is an overwhelming to process) so we have to allow our inner understanding to catch up with the pain. As we sit somewhere in-between the two (knowledge and suffering) what we find is grace. But there is no guarantee it will happen in the time frame we want, it is not productive punish yourself. Sometimes we need to regroup, refocus, re-boot so to speak. Sometimes we need to cede to the unknowable and put our intentions into surrender.

2). Our perception of the past has been tainted and dramatized by our memory and surroundings -
In the distortion (the drama) things are always blown out of proportion. Not to minimize trauma, but there comes a time when we have to give ourselves a hug and say, “We have come this far, perhaps we don’t need to backtrack anymore.” This is where contentment and peace give us greater visibility in a foggy situation. If we want things to get better, we have to stop breathing life into the past and let it die.

3). Assigning cause (blame on others) for our past is sidestepping a great opportunity for accountability and growth -
In this modality, we stay exactly where we are (imprisoned in a time come-and-gone) instead of a solution for betterment in our current moment. Change can’t change until we commit to changing our self. When we put thought into this, then act on it with our highest intentions – transformation happens quickly.

No denying -

We can’t dismiss where we come from because everything from birth to now is highly important - repeat highly important. So being acquainted and embracing our past with an intention of betterment shapes our path and future. We must use the “wrongs” as examples to make things right.

Accept them, (not excuse them) and learn from them.

It is far better to leave the justifications in the hands of the universe and trust we have spent enough time in turmoil. Trust we are ready to make peace with the past and happily move on. Trust we know all we need to know and we are home. One day we find (as we surrender pain for indifference) that when an ugly memory is sparked, the emotions that used to accompany it are null and void. We realize we are detached but very much alive aware and now…. We are free to let it go with full meaning.

It is pretty simple – intentions to rise and heal begin right here:
Release the blame; it releases you.

-debbie lynn

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


It’s “Fall”
pulling out of the wreck of twisted emotions
I stand up; brush myself off  
dirty, shaken, and confused
it takes a bit of time before the reality of the moment unleashes its
fury upon my soul
I am bitter
I am angry
I am filled with an unfamiliar energy that is trying to consume me
I resist
I don’t like the way I am wearing this emotion
I try to run; it follows me
I try to forget; it hangs on
and just when I am at my edge
a sudden rush of truth
explodes inside
tears turn to relief
relief turns to forgiveness
I unfold
intricate tapestries play a song in my head
a matrix of experiences
golden leaves and blacked skies
it all makes no sense
yet every single moment has, had  and will have purpose
hands to the heart center
and like seasons we cycle
so I avow to let the healing begin again
and again
it’s fall
-debbie lynn

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt” – John Muir

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


[Note to self - The ill considered]

Please give me your silence; it offers so much more.

It isn’t fair to stand behind words have no substance and transparent disinterest. The vapid “ I am sorry” that acts as a filler of insipid concern (as if there is nothing else to do or to say) – it leaves a cold chill.

The overused and trite expression that so easily pops out the mouth into thin air is expected to take care of business - so casual, this malady is now meaningless and I just have to ask, why bother?

I watch you wrestle with unimaginative empathy as you embezzle feelings (because you have none left to give) and I wonder where the truth is actually hidden in you these days.  Are you so damaged that there is no way out?  

I don’t think so; I know you better than that – and numb really isn’t your best color.

Perhaps you could put the ego/pride aside if only for a moment - and remember.  Remember what it was like to love fully, deeply and without a reason. Remember when your wild side was mystic, enchanting and vividly expressed with elegant intent. 

Remember when you were happy?

Apologies are only as good as the designed intention, and if you think yours is clean – you are wrong; it is dirty.  I implore you to bathe in some indigo authenticity.  Not for me, for your heart, for your honor and your truth. 

This reflection holds many secrets and you have shown me the empty well as an example of who not to be. A forgery, an imposter an artificial soul that is intoxicatingly gorgeous but completely dead inside and I weep.

One day all that plastic will break down to nothingness, with only a shell of who once was there – but not to worry, change is good as long as you are able to get above the frenzied garbage of the contrived.  Being true is self-evident when we see through rose-colored glasses but when blinded by an old story there is nothing rose-colored about it… and you know.

It isn’t that I am looking for the original to come back, it is just a longing to have some semblance of that beautiful essence I know exists under a guise of empathy laced with sadness – and all the words of void that are spoken out of obligation, (not significance or care) are so frigid. 

Take a chance and run ablaze.

Give me your fire, your warmth and comfort. Lost is a place to be found again and again so please don’t be afraid of the light - your darkness doesn’t become you.  All I ask for truth no matter what kind of pain it inflicts, it is far better than unattended words that are never going anywhere.