Thursday, April 17, 2014

Time Out for Time In

Waking up and feeling out of sync is not just a Woman's thing…

We all respond to the energy that surrounds us - (where we live, who we live with, what the weather is doing etc.) because our bodies are receivers. 
There are times (for no apparent reason) we feel less than… a bit heart achy a bit reflective, a bit used and when we really don't know why. 
First – Understand you are normal and not alone.
Second - Welcome to a higher level of a"tune"ment.

Sometimes it simply helps to remember this: We are constantly exposed to the bombardment of chaos and the only restitution will be found in our practice. This practice consists of a little quiet time.
* There is deep solace to be had in self-care * 

If you tell me you don't have time, I will tell you - You can only fool your body for a short while....and all the excuses of why and where the inner care has gone to (time, space, life - work, spouses, children, demands) are readily available to cling on to you - but don't need to bring them forward, it is better to let them go. Trust me when I tell you - you cannot go on like superwoman/man for too long without a break down.

Choices are not always easy, but when you take time for yourself and breathe (at the minimum) the choices you make will be made with clarity. 
Give yourself that present, so you can be present for others.

Mind/body/Spirit – Take care of yourself first. You are needed, you are loved.  (dl)