Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to connect with Spirit Outdoors

There is nothing more revealing, raw and sacred than the natural truth found in nature. (To me), this is “Spirit”/”God”/”The all”…
and we can all use a large dose of what Nature holds for us –

There are no secrets when you choose to engage with the natural surroundings. In order to appreciate life, it only takes a moment in the beauty and to treasure the simple complexities of our landscape with the life that occupies it.

The most amazing thing is how it all reflects –

It is said that imitation is the highest form of a compliment – 
Well, emulation is found all around us (which can make me feel very small.) And in this space of smallness (vulnerability) is a beautiful truth, no matter how you look, what you do, how you live – we, you and I are that reflection. The repetition is uncanny with the mind-blowing geometry and rhythm and the connection of the song is undeniable.

Being in and with nature is the quickest way to re-connect when feeling separated from your faith, and the chaos of urban noise has you agitated. The rhythmic sounds are everywhere and can quietly calm even the most restless and angry Soul. There is music in the silence, and the rage of the sea. 

From the tiniest microorganism to the oldest tree, from debts of the ocean to the stars in the sky the wonderment can take your breath away. And as it does, you get to replenish each breath with clarity –
The music sings the melody of the creator; it is the pulse of the entire Universe as is it dances, drink it in.

When the Buddha said, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”
I see this as meaning these things are always present, as is our total connection.
…And (to me) there is nothing more comforting than knowing the Sun and the Moon will always rise no matter where I am or how many clouds are over me –

The truth of purpose is found in our own nature, and brought out even more when accept the synchronicity of it all.
Nature has a way of bringing it to light, to the heart as directed by Spirit. Reconnect.

Listen to the melody... (dl) 360 degrees of inspiration ( full circle)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Most of us experience the burning question at some point in our life - “Who are we, why are we here and what is our purpose?” And spend a long time looking for an answer.

Some come into it by an aching curiosity, and some come to this journey out of duress. Some will analyze it to death by going deep, and some will just leave it be… but I have to tell you; all the masters, all the visionaries, all the knower’s of the world and beyond have not come to any single agreeable conclusion.

There are of course, commonalities that we all go through – Pain and suffering being number one. The second is the extreme complexities and mysteries in the Universe that our simple minds cannot yet comprehend, and another is a huge separation we have instilled throughout our society by race, creed, color, religion, and status.

It all begs to have answers so we can have a logical understanding of yin/yang, black/white, atrocity vs. beauty.
But a solid answer…? It will never happen. There are too many variables, too many opinions, and too many outcomes.

Even if there were a tangible answer, it wouldn’t matter; all we do in our Humanness is complicate what is innately true.

So while Science and Religion and their theories are in conflict, (one against the other along side of us - battling for the exclusive right to be right), we invent narratives. Stories and explanations to whom and why, what and where.. (Because it makes us feel better and intelligent) … And we ponder.

But here is a thought…there is nothing to do –
We are born; we die. What we live in-between is living.

And self love? It is gone, thrown out like trash - We continue to suffer, yearning for the elusive explanation all the while we mistreat our mind, our body and Soul with poison thoughts/food/and lack of pleasure and activity. It is no wonder we cannot hear the answers, we are too closed off – but still want to know why we cannot get an explanation and retribution from it all.

Ego check -

So the question still remains, how can we find truth in a world that holds so steadfastly to an ‘absolute’ and when we are full of drama and negativity?

Perhaps this will help –
Pay attention. Pay close attention to the whispers of the Universal knowing. Hear the sounds of inertia singing loud, beckoning us to answer the call to change.
Purpose is revealed when the heart can respond to these calls.

When we decide to stop whining and complaining about the trivial, get out of the doldrums of the urban/suburban mentality that lays wasted in material wants, clarity will find us. Life completely alters when we get out of our heads and into being of service to someone, anyone that we meet along the path.

Purpose is born out of the flow (kindness, service, truth) then, it will die and be born again. This is our cycle, just as like seasons – everything new becomes old then new again. It changes as we increase our intellect along side of the natural intellect already in place for us…. All truths are held in the sacred home of our heart.

Love rules and Kindness knows no borders. So when you are asking the eternal question – listen carefully, thoughtfully and mindfully to the answer. Then live it.

Our duty is as simple, (but no less, or no more important) than our breath and the way we chose to live our life (minimal or to the max.) Intention and follow-though will carry…

How we accomplish it…. ? That is a different subject. (dl)