Friday, January 6, 2017


I refuse to allow the toxicity of outside influences to grow in my body.
I will not accept the nasty little innuendos of misunderstandings, petty jealousy and outright malice.
I am (without exception) just a soul who loves life and no one can take that away from me - ever.

I have ridden the waves (high and low) physically, mentally and internally. Even in my darkest days, keeping the flame alive was – (and still is) my salvation because I know that the darkness will soon cede to the light.
I also know in the dark I find a place to hang my head, get over a bruised ego and rest.

The fire within is sparked by joy and never diminished by pain.
I have made an agreement with life that no matter what it throws my way; it is just my inner duty to fulfill it and a beautiful opportunity to experience living as it comes in well warranted.

I call in the events that have been placed in my way to get bigger than my trivial problems. This brings me full circle to reconcile, to be thankful everyday, and to understand this simple sentiment,
“So it is.”….