Sunday, May 22, 2011

~ Finding the strength ~

~ There is far more power in accountability than there is in passive blame. When you look through the eyes of accountability, you see the world in a different light. You find a freedom through understanding a creation rather than being the victim of circumstance. This is sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden, not exposed until your essence is ready to take it on. Stand tall, own it, be true and free (DL)
I will never for get the first time this premise took ahold of me - 
I saw a friend avow "I made it happen".  I looked at her with a bit of awe and I thought to myself why would she take that on? It was not her fault, yet she was owning the situation in grace. I witnessed this amazing glow of strength. Her next words were, "now I change it to MY way, I see my lesson and I can say thank you".  

It was right then I understood, through my own observation and recall that there have been times when I have made myself the victim of myself. 
I created it all in the minutest consistent choices that lead to other not so productive choices etc….
I also realized that very time I took a spill, if instead of cursing the pebble I stumbled on (and realizing it was in fact a pebble, not  rock) to say thank you for the scars left behind when I drew blood. The scars were here to remind me to open my eyes because a pebble is harder to see than a rock.  Awareness = accountability. 

I was so completely empowered by this light I welcomed the next pebble…. it became a challenge to see what kind of action I could create and more of a challenge to see how I would handle what was to come after I made a choice. 
We all own the ability to control our motives and choices when we throw the pebble into the water, after that, the ripple spreads. It is out of our hands and yet, we still will have to succumb to the action of the wave. If you say the wave of the ripple that washed over the bank and caused harm, is not your fault, you are not responsible, it is how the water reacts ~ Think again. Even if the toss of the stone was gentle, the after affect my not be….. 

Take a bit of time to do a little inventory. It is interesting to find the created moments, good, bad or indifferent. You see patterns, and changes, twists and turns depending on who was in your life and how YOU reacted or not acted on life.  
I like to  say…take what serves you, own it and leave the rest behind. 
Own what feels good. When you feel good you are with the ONE (DL)