Sunday, November 9, 2014

I don’t have regret I have curiosity…

The wonder of “what if” crosses my path now-and-then and stirs my imagination, but there will never be a way to know or a way to tell how the unseen would have played out….. just a thought of a possibility that slipped away under the guise of choice. 

.... and I would not change one thing in my life because I truly understand the ripple - (knowing good times as well as bad times had a huge impact) I am grateful. So as I have aged (and thankfully received a bit of wisdom) I am a little more reserved, more thoughtful and more cautious with decisions. My spontaneity is not gone, it still envelopes my essence, but all this means is I am quicker to say “NO” and mean it.

The point is: We can make the next moment amazing, or simply ruin it with “what if” -dwelling there removes our sensibility and it is futile. 

* (Let the past stay there where it belongs.) 

Thoughts like "It could have", "it might have", or the real version "it didn’t happen..." are the only things we know for sure. So when the past rises give it a smile or perhaps an internal bow - but remember it is the Universe, the imagination, the intuition (the 3rd eye) that really gets the credit of who and where we are now. 

It is said, “curiosity killed the cat” - I say, the cat has nine lives. (dl)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

I am not what you think I am…..

We are the all, we are nothing - and we shed our persona daily. The skin that holds us together changes, dies, and revitalizes until the circle of life puts us in another form…. and even then, someone will still try to pigeon-hole us as this way or that. But I guess that is what people need because when you get right down to it, no one really knows, no one really cares, and no one can say differently (without a lie crossing their lips) and speak to what happens to us in absolute validity –

Is it just cause, cause and effect, or the ever-popular ‘karma’ that takes us from one dimension to another? No one can be sure. 

The truth is: There is not one single truth; there is 7billion and counting so the big picture is totality. We are a working humming organism of chaos and most of us (myself included) have a very hard time trying to wrap our head around all the things (like this) that we really do not know.

I do not pretend to understand my mind, my purpose, and what is beyond it. We (you and I) go about our business. Some do it with passion, some with indifference and some with malice but in the end, I suppose there is a price to pay.  

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust - All I can hope for this: that the next time around, (if there is one….) I will fly (dl)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

~ Call "it", as we see it...

When we call our self-out as the “Godself” it isn’t about wanting power, admiration or worship.  It is a direct kinship with everyone and everything that is within our view; and anyone one who believes that they are more superior then you or I is not in touch with this concept. 

Ironically, the magnitude of that idea scares many, yet many profess, “we are one” - 
So to really get behind the mantra, we must have the knowing, the compassion, and the tolerance to embrace it all - Not just the beautiful side (beauty is easy to behold) but to embrace the bad and the ugly as well. 

We are what we love and adore, hate, and or don’t care about in our self and others. 
We are as real as we want to be no matter what it looks like or what you call it. 
There isn’t a separate self.….. and love shows up when you behold this brilliance in the nature of all things (all of it.) It shows up when we are and thrilled as we smell the essence, savor the delicacy; remember the images. 

It is important to carry and include the memory of our self as a part of it all as well. (The Godself) the truth and the way. 

Once you get it, once you see it - you will never view life with the same eyes. Then using your vision wisely and with love, this view will carry you past the terror of fear, lift you up with all its strength, and set you gently into your dreams.  (dl)