Saturday, June 11, 2011

~ Heavenly Thoughts ~

Getting to Heaven has never been an aspiration of mine..the whole idea of polishing my halo, keeping the gown white, watching my P's and Q's and that judgement thing, it is just way to overwhelming for me. 
I am a tarnished soul that likes to play in the dirt. After all that is where all things grow. I do not mind getting my hands dirty and I say the things most are afraid to say (with love, of course). 

As I understand it, the gate is always open and not just for the elite, that forgiveness is the Rule, not the exception and the opportunity is always there to have a do-over. 

I will never condemn you if you think differently so I ask you do so in return. (I believe that is part of the plan) 
Heaven/Hell - in my eyes, fear tactics. Yikes. I will save the fear for climbing the Mountian with-out being roped in. Hummmm that may be more of a rush really, however I don't buy fear to make you good. 

I believe that we are inherently wonderful from the get-go. It is only when we begin the first half our lives we are told differently ~ Let the "GAMES" begin ~ Then we spend that later part of our lives trying to un-do all our so called wrongs. What a racket. AND, from this insanity people have made a LOT of money, but that is another rant.

So off I go to do what I do. Enjoy my life. Will I mess up? OH will I ever. But a very dear friend of mine said she was saving me a seat in 'hell" (Like that is supposed to make me feel better).

I do understand I create every day and take full responsibility for my creation. To me it is quite simple. When I am gone? I am gone. Where I go ? In this moment. as I write, I am not too worried about it.

~ Much love to all

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

~ Liquid LOVE ~

Love is a wondrous thing isn't it? 

It encompasses so much. We can be in love with the idea of being in love. We can love deeply from the very most sacred place in our heart center. We can love our family, friends, pets, nature, life and each one has a different intensity.

We spend all our lives chasing it, catching it, then letting the love go. We write about it, read about, sing about it, contemplate it, use and abuse our love. We look outside head, we look to others, we hope and pray to have LOVE……. But LOVE is exactly where it should be if you let it be.

Some feel it is an over used expression and when we "love" it should be sacred… I say be happy to love freely and openly. But most of all, to have the ability to honestly let those feelings and words flow.

So LOVE like the Ocean, deeply, strongly and fluid. LOVE like the river that has many tributaries, LOVE and shine on.

To LOVE is truly is a gift no matter the intensity, attachment or non-attachment (DL)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

~ A different view ~

My daughter and I experienced the most amazing sight today. 
We were at a stop light at a very busy intersection. On the street corner to our right was a "homeless", "out of work" Man with the typical sign asking for a handout. He looked pretty clean, shoes were in tact, hair not too messy etc…. Just a man down on his luck. 

On the corner to our left, crossing the street, was a woman pushing her shopping cart that was overflowing with "stuff".  Her shirt was tattered, her skirt was dirty, and her hair was a matted mess. As she walked across the street and approached the man and she spoke to him and with a smile. We could not hear what they were talking about but after a minute or two, she reached into her bag of wordily possessions and pulled out a crumpled dollar. She then handed the money to the man, he timidly received.

Madelynn (my Daughter) and I just looked at each other….a smile came across our faces at the same instant. 
I said "can you believe what we just witnessed'?  A true act of kindness and generosity from the most unlikely of sources.

The man looked at us, he saw us smiling. He blushed from the inside…….
I have no idea if he was embarrassed or thankful. But as the woman tootled away, he turned, lowered his head, looked at the crumpled bill, shoved it in his pocket and quickly dropped his sign. 
AND oh what a sign it was… 

The way I see it, you can either whine about sitting in traffic or you can be grateful that you have a place to go and a way to get there.
You can whine about the lines in the grocery store or you can be grateful you have the money to be in line to buy food.
You can complain about the weather or you can the thankful you have a place to escape it.
You can complain about your life or embrace it everyday…. take a bit of that woman today and put it into your own perspective, you may see a different view (DL)

Friday, June 3, 2011

~ The quest ~

~ When you begin to take on your quest, many times your friends and family will not understand. Be prepared for opposition. 

This is when you realize you are growing a bit faster, learning a bit more, and stepping out of your norm more than others. They may wonder, they may worry and they may even condemn. Don't let that detour your journey. Your interests will change, your circle of friends will change but most important…. your life will change, and change for the better. (Please remember,  just because they are not with you at the moment, doesn't mean they will not catch up. Your time is not their time).

You will go through phases of elation and sadness but instead of thinking you need help, you will understand you have helped yourself find your heart. This is exciting and sometimes intimidating. You are NOT alone….. even when it feels this way. 

As you begin to view the world through the rose colored glasses, you see the beauty of our surroundings and the ones who walk next to you. You will never go back to the cynical way, it just won't be an option. As the view expands, so does your heart. As your heart expands, so does your life and more souls, more things show up that align with your quest. 

The piece you thought unsolvable becomes peace of mind. You fill with love and compassion. You understand that creating your life is truly a joy and a challenge. But most important you see new. The closer you get to spirit, the less you need and, as I always say….need is just lack. Soon you find you lack Nothing. You will turn nothing into something everyday. 

This is BLISS and inner happiness. Enjoy your ride (DL)