Wednesday, April 15, 2015


We don’t have a false self or an authentic self – All we have a self (which is more than enough) – don’t get it twisted.

This “self “ dons all kinds of hats with many descriptions, accusations, glorifications and bears many criticisms, yet it goes on. 

It makes its depute beautifully violent, miraculously alive, and helplessly discontent - then told how to feel, how to be, how think and breathe properly (even when we already knew this at the time of conception). 

And those of us who dare to question authority from the word go, are thought of as hopeless and an incurable pain – but the pain we endure of this ageless and endless true/false identity erodes the soul and has the propensity to make us old before our time. 

We are rebellious and curious, true to our bones, steadfast in our convictions and then our truth will change. It changes with each moment, each day, each passing season and as warranted to new knowledge –

The raw truth is transient just as nature is, in its entirety – forever renewing and creating a new “authentic” truth.

This comes with much dispute and accusations as others question our resolve, but it is not a concern because the life we hold has so many truths we can choose just which one or ones we want to be. 

What works for one doesn’t always work for another – there is no “one size fits all” so embrace what feels glorious, what kindles the fire and what makes you true inside out. 

Forget about trying to be authentic because as soon as you do…. THEN You will be. (dl)

Artist – Kaila Gudee in tribute to Esphyr Slobodkina 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


How much wasted time is spent in anger?  If time is money, think about cost of this (physically, mentally and emotionally). Every moment we hold resentment, and anger in our heart it depletes our savings and it is exhausting. 

But the biggest question lies here in; what purpose does anger serve? Internal venting, releasing and purging has its place (everyone gets angry), but justifying constant anger as “normal and ok”, stands alone in arrogance and in the ego/mind as righteous indigence.  By holding on to it, caressing it and giving it room to breathe and grow creates poverty in the soul - we become pitiful, and vindictive.

Not to say that life won’t continue to try and beat us down – but to look at the problems with an attitude of how did I get here instead of life did this or that to me is far more empowering.  It takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out someone else’s motive. You see, we can’t ever truly know what goes on in the minds of another, but we can certainly find a higher place to view it from, then the solutions are coming form love, not hate.

We never have to agree to poor behavior but we always have a choice on how we want it affect our being, our essence, our life. Do we free up and move on, or hold a on to our reactions like they only possession we own?

And there is a huge difference between accepting and tolerating our emotional choices, but they both leave a mark on our soul.  One is by conscious surrender; the other is by disheartened happenstance.  One is accountability; the other is blame.  One holds internal power; the other encourages weakness.  

Everyday we have the opportunity to accept and make amends with our past and forget the anger - Everyday. It is up to each one of us. Do we endure one more minute of sadness, blame and guilt or is today the day we say, “ I will not give away one more precious second of my life to something that is long gone - I did it, I am over it, and I am done”.  (dl)

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Why are so many, many people unhappy?
Is it because people want an excitable existence and we have somehow decided that being content is a bore? Or has our culture created the need for a storm (drama) as the only thing that breaks up the so-called monotonous life?

It seems odd that “Happiness” has become associated with serene and placid, which evidently doesn’t work that well in our society anymore. People tend to gravitate to content that is toxic and in some messed-up way; it brings satisfaction.  This (to me) is upside-down and twisted, making happiness abnormal when in truth - happiness is our true nature.

Dissatisfaction seeps its way into our being as we are constantly comparing ourselves to others.  Media knows how to sell this well hitting on our emotional insecurities based on surface and materialistic values (and we are all to blame because we “buy” it).  With instant gratification, expectations and entitlements we tend to lose sight of the simplest pleasures, they are lost in comparisons, wants, and objectivity.

The “competitive edge” coupled with greedy desire is the workhorse of a media driven society.  We are bombarded by images of what life is supposed to be, what we are supposed to look like (and feel like) and when we don’t have it, or we don’t look a certain way, we suffer. 

To ponder….What is the message we are teaching our children?

We don’t need to be elated or giddy to be happy, and of course life happens. Problems arise, (they will always be there) and we will always get emotional but, the minute we lessen the severity of the highs and lows through sensibility and mindful thought and step back from unnatural media garbage, is the minute we begin to feel better about feeling better. 

Yes… it is a conscious choice. Yes it is an attitude. 

We can’t control what life throws at us, but all have the ability to control the way we react.  True happiness isn’t always easy yet it certainly is available. (dl)