Monday, November 22, 2010


The messages in the wind are singing the melody of instruction ~

Embrace the ones who choose not to hear yet because, their time is coming.
Embrace the ones who long for direction and share whatever it is you have to share.
Embrace the innocent who sit in the shadow of their own monument, their own heart center.
Embrace the light.

Emergence is eminent, in time, it is timely. Remember it is a long journey through all the turbulence in questions and confusion. That is, until you embrace the passion that you own.

I say cling to your passion tight. Be in your embrace then open your arms as big and wide as you can to welcome all who cross our path ~ good, bad or indifferent show what you are and that you can felt without a touch.

Embrace them all ~ (DL)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Learning to fly backwards
I was the child who questioned everything - nothing made sense to me.
I remember I did not understand the Church, and God. 
So confusing, so convoluted.
I could never grasp the hatred and the wars between religions. If this was “God” I declared to have no part of it.  

That made me sad.  So many, many contradictions and I was just so curious.  
I had to find my own way, by myself. Trials and tribulations - constant trouble, going against the grain.  
I  wanted to learn, find the understanding and the way to be happy.  
I despise conflict and drama, I always have. I took my stand and I stood strong.
I was eager to get my hands on the understanding that would clarify my inner conflict.  
I studied, I listened, and lived the hard way. I remember asking why to the universe. 
Here is my answer ~ 
As the winds of understanding brushed my check, I was told simply the thread that holds all of us together is love no mater which form of religion or non-religion you take. Love is universal, love sees no color, no race, no gender NO KIDDING!  

Most of what I have seen is misunderstanding, confusion, arrogance, and an ignorance of the world we live in. This ignorance causes petty feelings and jealousy - it causes fear and hatred and the circle goes round and round. Enemies from nowhere - why? 
Some will make up their own stories and assumptions and spread them like fire in the dry grasses. This fire eats everything in the way, makes a huge mess, and destroys all until the cooling waters of love and truth blanket the flames. It is hard to stop the destructions of the spark, but it can be done - 
It is important to recognize when this begins so you can stomp it out quickly before damage is done. 

Affirm: Love is the thread that ties us all together, in our color, in our light, and in our understanding. (DL)