Saturday, December 18, 2010

~ Zen proverb ~

"Before enlightenment ...
chopping wood, carrying water.
After enlightenment ...
chopping wood, carrying water". 

~ inspired by Tracy Ross

We all have things that we must do everyday and these things are not always what we want. I believe that by turning them into a mind game with the understanding that everything I am doing benefits me in some way, is a much more powerful way to live.

This is the greatest understanding (gift) you can give to yourself.
When you have a hold of this concept, with acceptance, your life looks much easier even when you have to chop a pile of wood. That wood pile becomes a game to better your body, give you warmth, a sense of accomplishment, and most important.... peace. When you have peace, you have piece of mind.

So when I say I am thankful for the task at hand, it is because I have found the light inside this duty to enhance myself or the situation. Practice. In practice you can play the game anytime, anyplace and it is fun. You do not have to be so serious. Spirit has GREAT sense, and a great sense of humor…

Play the mind game with fun in your heart and the tasks, the duties become as easy as your breath. 
They will give you strength as you strengthen you mind muscles.

When you turn your daily tasks into a game, your life becomes light. This light is the way to ascension you hear about. The ascension is simple peace in your heart.( DL)

Thank you Dear Tracy