Sunday, November 6, 2016


I don’t understand…

I don’t understand the hatred of: skin color, the way people choose to put their hands together, or whom they love - I don’t understand the divide.
I don’t understand billions of dollars (that number is mind-bending) spent on the trite and trivial when children are starving in our own backyard.
I don’t understand it.
I don’t understand the priorities, the arrogance or the lack of compassion.
I just don’t understand what matters anymore.
I don’t understand the complication, the confrontation and the vile.
I don’t understand the reasons.

What I DO understand is…
If we didn’t have color, a way to pray, or someone/something to love - the world will stop breathing; we will suffocate in our own ignorance and die slowly inside.
What I DO understand is it takes so little to share so much…
Kindness is effortless and meaningful when we give a bit of our self - an extended hand, a smile, or a penny.
I DO understand I cannot change anyone, but I can be a force of change inside my own domain and maybe it will ripple.
I DO understand I must let go of the “whys” and focus on “why not.” Some things, some reasons are better left unknown.
What I DO understand is diversity is everywhere but, it doesn’t mean division.
I understand life doesn’t need to be complicated – but humans are… I am human.
-debbie lynn

Where there is no love there is no understanding – Oscar Wild

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