Sunday, September 10, 2017


It shouldn’t come as a surprise, the ‘Great Mother’ is desperately vying for our attention. Her fury is not playing small, no one is immune, and things are not going to ease up…

It has been building, this energy; it is the kind of energy that has steady and dangerous movement, and until now, this movement has been slow to grow.
It has been laced with all kinds of agendas, prophetic catastrophes, and a gathering of hidden fears that have deep-seeded consequences and we know it; but most of us could not imagine it would be in our face, so strong, right now.

A virus (this energy) is one that started with division (race, creed, color, politics and religion) and was allowed to take over – it was systemic. People taking sides, righteous sides, that were so very personal… and we are gutted. Gutted to the core as we vowed in our own way to fight. Fight the good fight. But is there really a good one?

I know there are many trying to counterbalance this twisted, tilted kind of energy however, the numbers are not big enough… (not yet). So what happens? Nature responds. It feels every thought, every action, every bit of sorrow, anger and spite and simply aligns with it. Going with the flow for better or worse the energy feeds on potential. Not with a tainted flavor of right or wrong, just potential because there isn’t good or bad – only the energy.

The portal is open and wide enough and as I write, things are spinning. The fury unleashed goes beyond the wake-up call because we missed it. We were (and still are) sleeping. The pollutants, mining, logging, greed. Our planet is choking, she is needs to breathe, she wants clarity so her rage is somewhat justified.

The warming we feel isn’t an embrace; it is the fire inside the core of the energy and it has nowhere to go except out. And all the years past, we could have, we should have done something… but we didn’t. We gave this energy a slight nod of 'maybe' and how bad can it be? So now, right now, in this moment; it is very real.

And while voices are yelling in anger, fear only grows. The underbelly of the energy is swirling and amassed in numbers. No one sees, few understand or accept that we need to raise our vibe, not our voice. And those who say they are standing up for the ones who need it most are noble, yet in nobility, there comes a price. We just keep separating, losing ground, giving way to implosion, as the space in-between grows larger.

There comes a point when we just have to ask, “Is separation worth the suffering, worth the destruction… Is it?”

“When you do something noble and beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.”
John Lennon

The evidence of the poison is mounting and we can blame it on all kinds of attitudes, but humans tend to run blind. We don’t want to cede to energy because most of it is invisible to the eye. But we are the storms, the earthquakes and keepers of destruction. WE are.

My heart is so heavy, I don’t like “Doom and Gloom” and I have a huge respect for the power of all this energy but the current situation has made an impact in my soul and it has reaffirmed the way I am viewing some long-lost prophecies. Yet I do have confidence in recovery, confidence in love, and I know with all my heart we have the intelligence and predisposition to make changes.

To give the energy a different feel there has to be a group effort (it takes a village) and the inner will to use our hearts and mind for betterment, not division. This means acceptance instead of segregation, love instead of hate and to choose peace. We have to fill up the rabbit holes we keep falling into and utilize connections. The technology is in place, now if we step-up our commitment to compassion the energy will follow suit. We need to send love to the wounded earth that sustains us… she doesn’t ask for much. It will work.

Preservation is key, the key to our well-being. Healing, nurturing, and re-assessing what we deem important. Food for thought, food for the soul.

Thy will be done? Yes, we can do this if we truly wake up - There are not going to be many more chances. Sending HUGE love to all affect by the rage.

-Debbie lynn

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