Tuesday, February 21, 2017


don’t know how to capture it – 
the sounds, the feelings, the immensity of it all – 
it sits inside my mind, talks dirty to me with that voice, that insistent voice of questioning.
It comes in like a howling wind, raging like uncontrolled floodwaters.
It is the emotional state of mind that simply has no business to judge – 
how can it judge when there are so many bigger, and more important things to be concerned with? And yet, like a whisper of the dancing branch (in gale force energy) – there is always a way to stop the movement in my mind by being present to it all.
I take a breath, a snapshot of a distant memory – put it to sound, touch it, hold it and caress that whimsical self absorbed moment. 
But as quickly as it showed its face, it is gone. 
And once again the question arises… how can I capture it, savor it, revel in it?
The answer is: I can’t.

Life is full of transient moments with myriad pulsing atomic particles of every living, breathing thing…
So, I drink it in, it is my muse.


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