Monday, April 24, 2017


Dear Universe,

I am writing to you now to purge a few things that are sitting heavily on the minds of so many – and the weight is unbearable.

We are searching, wreathing, wrenching and exasperated by the ‘whys’ and even though you have given small bits of information unto our being… we are tired. We wonder if that “info” you so generously delivered means a bigger message is looming underneath it all?

The activity and chaos are everywhere and we get that – good and bad. So as you (The Mighty Universe) are pulsing we feel it; but we don’t always understand it. 

We all want the atrocities to stop but you keep on sending waves of oceanic misery encased in love… how can this be?

The allure of the body/soul and mind, the mystery of the untouchable, and the candid openness of the infinite is all there (thank you) - but when we look out to the billions of stars in the blackest nights; seeing our internal heart can be intimidating. 

We know you know this, but what are we to do with it? 

Do we go to bed every night and sleep with questions that mind-fuck us forever, or are you going to reveal yourself - deeper, wiser and with more compassion. Do you feel sorry for us or are you punishing us? So many, many queries to think about.

Maybe that is your way. Maybe we are the experiment, the test, the ones to be studied, but how much more can we take, feel and do before we implode?

Dripping wax, waxing nostalgia, and longing for the heaven within the hell we all live in... what comes next? Tell us; please tell us what you are silently observing? 

And when we breathe with you, are we all rushing through your veins and making your heartbeat? Do we give you oxygen as you do for us, or are you dying inside from our worldwide toxicity?

What kind of pain are YOU experiencing? Do you feel it in each one of us? Is this why you cry with global flooding, venomous lava, arid desert patience, and the war within the war within the war? What should we do?

The Masters you have sent to us have all said the same things in different tones, languages, and medium – yet the wicked stomp on their wisdom. How is this possible?

And we ask, “How long will it be before you are done with us?”

The bigger picture contained in our smallness is: What will it take to reverse the damage, sing to the moon, revere the Great Mother and let peace reign again for a while? 

We know it can be done.

Dear Universe, please understand for most of us it is your complexity that holds us at bay and the wheel goes round, so we beg of you to help with the masses. The ones that just want to clarify the process, join your awareness and fluidity...and rise - 
we want this, we truly do.

So with great reverence in our heart, we ask you now….
Please gently shake us to the core, untie our madness, forget about our twisted, inane, whining and pull us into your chest for a hug. Let us open our eyes to you, cry with the wolves, and bleed with mountains. 

We need it. We are desperate. Can you hear us?

With a loving bow we await our inner answers.

A world gone mad.

-debbie lynn

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