Monday, April 24, 2017


This helped me grow up a bit…

“Everything is nothing with a twist” – Kurt Vonnegut

You know that regret that hangs over your head - the one you think about, you nurture, you hold? It’s not real and the thing is - when we are hanging on by a thread, everything that used to matter eventually becomes nothing.

Have you ever crossed a burning bridge (without regrets), sat on the edge of a cliff, climbed up a mountain, gone thirsty and spiritually hungry?  Have you laid your head in the ashes of a loved one, held the door open for sabotage and welcomed the suffering and pain? Have you said I love you to a stranger and meant it so fully you were brought to tears? 

If you have a yes to any or all of it, the world has offered you a different view because you allowed it to. And when we say yes, we take on bigger, fuller obligation to self. Don't be fooled, don’t get it twisted, we are not tasked with things we cannot handle. Our responsibilities match our ability whether we agree to it or not.

It's not a test, just a grand gesture of opportunity stripping away the trivial as the inner truth leaves us quite raw. 

It is time to stop complaining and get it done.
No one else will do it for us…
Time to rise a bit more, grow a little wiser, think a bit deeper and be thankful a bit longer.
Just let it all go.

Because the closer we get to Spirit (our inner essence) the less we need, and eventually everything simply becomes nothing…

-debbie lynn

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