Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Keep your heart close to your bones and your arms wide open…

The tragedy of separation is when we stop living, stop embracing life, and give way to a slow erosion of the soul. 
When we think that we are protected by time and space, and touch is replaced by observance – and when heart truth is replaced by uncommitted surrender as the light inside dwindles… 
it’s a tragedy. 

This tragedy seeps into the marrow, depletes the must-needed oxygen and makes us tired. 
It pulls on the heartstrings and each blade of the shoulder becomes heavier, burdened and alone.

We are not masters of illusion – none of us.
We are transparent, connected and fragile no matter what the outside appears to be…

We are not hopeless until we avow to disconnect.
And when we checkout… we selfishly punish no one and everyone.
So despondent isn’t really chic, or hip or current; it is old and redundant, 
please don’t get it twisted.

Every breath you are breathing is the breath of millions – feel it, know it, because it is wildly exciting to be a part of the bigger inhalation. 
Undulating... the wave is always in motion. Make no mistake life isn’t waiting to be called or acknowledged and crawling to a standstill is a lie – 

we are totally mobile mind/body/soul – reach for it.
Yes we need each other.
We need a global resurrection of a 'united front' 
so every person, (man woman and child) will never 
have to experience the tragedy of separation.
-debbie lynn

“When you make a world tolerable for yourself,
you make a world tolerable for others.”
                                -Anais Nin

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